Breast cancer is the form of cancer which affects women the most and thus causes immense worry among them. India has been reporting a large number of breast cancer cases. One out of every 8 women in India suffers from breast cancer. According to experts, breast cancer is most common among all cancer and the cases pertaining to women is increasing rampantly across India. In this form of cancer, cells show an unnatural amount of growth during this period. The cells then start breaking and a few of them begins to form clusters. This cluster can be felt inside the body in the beginning but soon turns harder and is visible from outside as well.

breast cancer

Consultant and Head of Unit, Medical Oncology Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Niti Bagh, New Delhi, Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit said unusual and uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body is called cancer. Constant growth makes the tissue break off and spread to other parts of the body via the blood. This is known as Metastasis.

While it is widely believed that there are two reasons - poor lifestyle and genetic disorder - in women that cause breast cancer, but you will be surprised to know that these 5 mistakes made by women can cause breast cancer in them.


breast cancer obesity

Growing obesity in women causes breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer increases post menopause. This happens because, during menopause, hormones come out from fat tissues in the body, which decreases the level of estrogens and increases the risk of breast cancer.  

Avoiding Breastfeeding

The risk of breast cancer increases in women who avoid breastfeeding. The hormones of women remain balanced when they breastfeed. While those women who do not breastfeed may also see hormonal imbalance which is not good for their health.

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Consumption Of Alcohol

breast cancer consumption of alcohol

Women who drink alcohol have a higher risk of breast cancer compared to those who do not drink. According to research, a woman who drinks 2-3 glasses of alcohol a day sees the risk of breast cancer goes up by 20 percent. The level of estrogens in the body reduces with alcohol consumption and it increases the risk of cancer.

Birth Control Pills

If you take regularly take birth control pills, it increases the risk of breast cancer. Not only pills, birth control injections and other methods to control the birth of child increase the risk of breast cancer.

Avoiding Exercising

laziness breast cancer

Women who are slim and thin avoid exercising, but exercise is essential and good for all. Exercise keeps your body fit and healthy and keeps you immune from diseases. Women who have the habit of not exercising can get prone to breast cancer. After menopause, it is very important for women to exercise. Hence, women should keep aside laziness and at least walk for 45 minutes daily.

Ladies, if you want to avoid breast cancer then change these 5 habits immediately.