From improving your stability to making your muscles move, wall asanas can help you in several different ways. These asanas can be done in any tiny corner of your home and won’t require much space. With the gyms and outdoor workout spaces being closed, indoor exercises are the best way to keep fit. Here are some yoga poses which you can do with the help of a wall and keep yourself agile. 


If you are a beginner learning how to perform a headstand, then a wall is your perfect support. Headstand is all about balancing your body and aligning it in a straight line. Start by sitting on the ground with your legs backwards. Now position your arms in a way that your forearms are well-rested on the ground. Throw your legs up and try resting them on the wall. You need to be very careful while doing it, so as to not strain your neck. It will take weeks to master the perfect headstand but you'll be able to find your balance quickly with the help of a wall.

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Forward Bend 

Also known as Uttanasana, forward bend helps in stretching your leg muscles and also gives a boost to the blood circulation. In usual practice, it is usually done without a wall but doing it against the one will help in better stretching of your muscles. 

All you need to do is stand against a wall, with your ankles touching the wall. Now take a deep breath and bend your body forward. Hang your head down and try touching your toes with your hands. Make sure your knees are straight while doing the asana. Stick your butt to the wall and try going as low as you can. Wall will act as an extra support, which will help you in stretching more. 

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Handstand With Legs Bent 

With practice, you can also learn how to do a handstand. A wall will act as a support and you can rest your legs there. This will help you in building your stability. All you need to do is, face the wall and keep your hands on the ground. Now take help from someone to keep your legs on the wall. Bend your legs, so that your lower legs are well-rested on the ground. You will instantly feel blood rushing to your face with this asana. It will help in improving blood circulation and will increase your arm’s strength.

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Waist Twist With One Leg Up 

This pose will help in stretching your hamstrings along with stabilizing your balance. Stand facing the wall and keep your left foot on the wall. Make sure your leg is parallel to the ground. Now raise both your hands to form a straight line with your shoulders. Slowly twist to your left side and try twisting as much as possible. 

Don’t strain your muscles in the process and be gentle with the pose. Hold the position for 10-15 seconds and repeat it with another leg. This pose will not only relax your spine but will engage your leg, waist and butt muscles.   

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King Cobra With A Twist

If you wish to make your core muscles move with some yoga poses, then this asana is ideal for you. Start with your hands and chest on the ground. Keep your knees close to the wall and rest the front part of your feet on the wall. Now rise up with the help of your hands and look up. With this pose, you will not only be able to stretch your core muscles but will also relax your back to a great extent. 

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