International Yoga Day 2021 is celebrated on June 21 and the best way to celebrate it is by practicing some of the best yoga asanas which anyone can do be it a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. So unroll your mats and get started with these asanas. 

Here are some of the easiest and effective yoga poses shared by Grand Master Akshar.



This is an easy cross legged sitting pose. Practicing it calms the mind, strengthens the back, stretches the knees and ankles, opens the hips and thigh muscles, reduces stress and anxiety.



This one a very easy yet very impactful pose. To get into this pose, kneel down and then sit back on your legs, toes pointing out behind you and both the big toes touching. Align your head and spine to be in a straight line. Palms placed on your thighs. Sitting in Vajrasana after food enhances blood circulation in the abdomen area to improve digestion. Provides relief from excessive gas and bloating.


This is a well known as yogi squat. To get into this pose start by standing with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, your toes pointing out. Squat with your hips as low as you can towards the floor, hands stretched out straight on your knees. Keep your back straight, your shoulders relaxed and away from the ears. This pose tones the abdominal muscles and improves the function of the colon to help with waste elimination and stretches the thighs, hips, ankles and torso.



It is a standing pose and to practice this, stand straight and keep your feet 2 inches apart, hands alongside your body. Raise both the hands upwards in namaste in line with the shoulders. Raise your heels and stand on your toes. This pose helps to correct your posture and improves balance, increases ankle flexibility, tones the hips and abdomen. It may help in increasing the height if regularly practiced during formative years.


A very effective asana for strengthening the core. To get into this pose, sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on the sides of your thighs. Slowly lean your upper body back, straighten your legs up at a 45 degree angle away from the floor. Extend your arms in front of you. This pose strengthens the core, hips and spine.

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This one too strengthens the core and the arms. To assume this pose, kneel down on your knees and palms, palms in line with the shoulders. Lift your knees up to push your body forward balanced on the toes and keep the knees straight. Ensure the back is straight with wrists and elbows in a straight line below the shoulders. This pose strengthens the arms and shoulders, develops core strength.


To get into this pose stand straight with feet 2 inches apart, hands by the side. Slowly raise the arms up, stretch the body from the waist, and bend forward to place both the palms on the ground, nose touching the knees. This pose is very effective to remove abdominal fat. Stretches the hamstrings and strengthens the thigh and calf muscles.

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To get into this pose stand straight with your feet hip width apart and your arms by your sides. Lift your arms stretching them straight up, bend your knees and push the hips down. This pose strengthens the thighs and core muscles. Stretches the shoulders and opens the chest.


This is one of the most photographed yoga poses. To assume this, start by standing straight, feet aligned and touching, hands along the side of your body. Establish a point of focus and slowly shift your body weight onto your left leg while you lift your right leg off the floor. Place the sole of your right foot with the inside of your left thigh, the toes pointing down. Raise your arms up towards the sky with palms pressed together in namaste. Repeat this on the other leg. This pose helps to strengthen the legs and to open the hips. Improves balance and concentration.


This is another easy sitting pose with lots of benefits. To assume this pose sit down with your legs extended straight in front of you. Engage your thigh muscles and point your toes towards you. Arms positioned straight and the palms flat on the floor on either side of your hips to support your back. Place the shoulders on top of the hips and away from your ears. This pose strengthens the back muscles, lengthens and stretches the spine.

Practice all the above poses with normal breathing pattern and enjoy its benefits. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on yoga and health.