World Diabetes Day 2020 is here and there is only one hope in everyone's mind and that is a permanent solution to get rid of this disease. We wonder when will this truly happen as once you have it, you are ruined for life because it is a well-known fact that it leads to many other health issues. So all we can do is try and prevent, do whatever we can to avoid it. Staying fit is one and having the right food is another. There are a few herbs in India as well that is said to help in the prevention of diabetes. Grand Master Akshar shared with HerZindagi that there are some Himalayan herbs that are said to even cure some diseases or help in controlling. 

"The Himalayas are home to many forms of medicinal and healing herbs. These miraculous plants are the cure to many diseases such as diabetes. Holy basil leaves also known as tulsi and Indian gooseberry grow in abundance in the Himalayan ranges. These are two such plants that can be very beneficial to treat the condition of diabetes. However, it is not advisable to take these plants directly. Before consuming them we need to follow a process as recommended by Yoga and Ayurveda," Grand Master Akshar told HerZindagi.

"These practices dictate that body go through cleansing rituals before these plants can be administered as treatment. A proper diagnosis by an expert can determine the amount of dosage required by an individual for his or her treatment. The next step would be to undergo the required cleansing and blood purification techniques using knowledge derived from Ayurveda and yoga. It is only after following all the steps that the plants will be used for treatment to cure and manage diabetes," he added.

But how do tulsi and amla truly help?

Amla For Diabetics

amla diabetes

This traditional nuskha is said to be perfect for preventing spikes in blood sugar especially after meals. It is recommended as a general tonic which should be had either fresh or in the form of a murabba.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, amla prevents pancreatitis. The insulin produced in the pancreas keeps the blood sugar levels in check. However, when they become inflamed, it causes pancreatitis which can injure insulin-secreting cells which results in a spike in high blood sugar levels. Here is where amla or Indian gooseberry steps in.

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Amla is said to help in making the body, more responsive to insulin as it has chromium which regulates carbohydrate metabolism. 

Indian gooseberry also has an association with diabetes and vitamin c levels as per a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. According to the research, the antioxidants present in amla help in reversing the damaging effects of oxidation in our body which in turn helps in dealing with diabetes.

Tulsi For Diabetes

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tulsi diabetes

As per some studies, those who took tulsi with their other medications had a greater improvement in glucose control. And post-meal spikes in blood glucose levels also improved. Tulsi leaves have hypoglycaemic properties, that help in lowering blood sugar levels and they also help in the prevention of complications of diabetes.

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You can either chew on these leaves or boil them in water and drink a cup daily. 

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