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  • Mohammad Ashraf
  • Her Zindagi Editorial

Fitness Mantra: TV Actor Gauahar Khan Reveals Her Diet Plan

What is the reason behind Gauahar Khan’s hourglass figure? She is 35 now and looks fit as a fiddle. This television actor is sharing her fitness mantr...
  • Mohammad Ashraf
  • Her Zindagi Editorial
Published -17 Jan 2019, 12:27 ISTUpdated -17 Jan 2019, 17:34 IST
gauahar khan new diet plan main

What is the reason behind Gauahar Khan’s hourglass figure? This question, almost every woman has asked, at some point or the other. Is she cutting down too much on sweets? Or a stringent workout plan? This is not really the case. She is 35 now and looks fit as a fiddle. Surprisingly, she has a sweet tooth and finds it tough to avoid mouth-watering sweets. 

gauahar khan new diet plan fitness funda inside

This television actor, who rose to fame with much popular television series ‘Bigg Boss 7’, is not a big foodie but can get super crazy for desserts. It gets tougher when you have to be in the best of possible shape and cannot compromise on sugar as well. How does she actually manage? Well, she is ready to give extra hours in the gym after splurging in sweets. Gauahar Khan is revealing it all in her latest diet plan.

High Protein Diet

gauahar khan new diet plan high protein inside

Gauahar Khan shared some of her tips on much needed fitness mantra for women. This is how she begins her day. “I start my day with one bowl of muesli and cold milk mixed with fruits and dry fruits.” Nothing can be as perfect as a good breakfast. After all, you drive the entire energy with this single meal. Therefore, it has to be rich in diet. What about the lunch? “I eat chicken, salad or vegetables.” But evening cravings for snacks are more killer. How to deal with it? “I prefer homemade poha or pancakes to deal with my hunger pangs. Anything which is less oily,” said Gauahar. Eating in small intervals is better than consuming in large quantity. Looks like, she has cracked the code. Around 7 in the evening she likes to eat fruits. What is she eating for the dinner? “I make sure my dinner is done before 8 at night. I do not cut down on carbs but it is comparatively lesser in my high protein diet.”

Can’t Avoid Sweets

gauahar khan new diet plan junk food inside

Looks like, Gauahar Khan is a YOLO celeb (you only live once) as she cannot compromise on the delicious desserts. We all love sweets. Don’t we? “Sweets are my weakness and I cannot avoid at all,” gushed Gauahar Khan. She further stressed: “I never skip my workout plan.” You need to be strict when it comes to meeting desired fitness goals. “I simply love chocolate pastries and traditional Indian desserts. I do not consume sweets on a regular basis, however when it eat, there is no count at all,” she told.

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What To Avoid?

This comes as a total shock to lot more women who are going to follow her diet plan. “I do not eat roti. Plus I don’t like the taste of it. I skip anything which contains gluten,” she explained. What about the burger, pizza or pasta? “I strong avoid junk food in any form. I prefer to eat salad, soup or juice whenever I am out with friends or family.” Isn’t that motivating enough? Follow her diet plan to beat the age in full swing.

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