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    Post Diwali Detox: 3 Tips By Rujuta Diwekar

    Diwali is a time when we splurge on food. However, since the festive season is over, we need to get back to normal. So, here are some tips by Rujuta D...
    Published -11 Nov 2021, 10:37 ISTUpdated -11 Nov 2021, 11:21 IST
    post diwali detox main

    Diwali is  a time of the year when we enjoy to the fullest and forget about our daily worries. Enjoy basically translates to meeting loved ones, dancing and eating Diwali sweets and snacks till your stomach bursts.

    This has been accompanied with lte nights, erratic meal times, etc. which eventually takes a toll on your health and leaves you feeling bloated and dull. However, it's been a week after Diwali and finally the time to get over the Diwali fever and get back to basics.

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    So, here are top 3 food items suggested by Rujuta Diwekar that will help you to recover.


    sugarcane post diwali detox

    Sugarcane is India's traditional detox and go-to therapy for jaundice as it has several properties that will make you feel as good as new. Therefore, having it at this time also helps to keep you healthy.

    Tulsi puja, which marks the end of Diwali also has sugarcane as prasad for this very reason. It allows you to detox from all the over-eating during festivities. It is rich in glycolic acid which is a popular ingredient in a variety of skin care products that promise to bring back the glow on your face and even restore the collagen tissues.

    If you wish to consume this, then you can either chew it or drink it's juice. It is beneficial in both ways.

    Tender Coconut Water

    coconut post diwali detox

    This should be the first thing in the morning that one should reach out for after a late night Diwali party. This is because it can immediately fix the electrolyte balance and reduce bloating in the stomach.

    However, don't forget to eat the tender coconut as the medium chain fatty acids can boost your stamina and will actually help you to feel energised for your workout the next morning.

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    gulkand post diwali detox

    This therapeutic mixture of rose petals, sugar and some herbs is extremely beneficial as it can reduce and prevent acidity. Festivities means excessive eating and sleep deprivation and this is a potent combo to ruin the gut flora and the intestinal mucus.

    Fortunately, the highly beneficial gulkand is easily available in the market and extremely delicious. You may simply consume it or mix it in the milk. This will immediately put your intestines on the fast track to recovery.

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    Bonus Tip

    In order to detox after Diwali, we have one special tip for you as well apart from the above three ingredients. Take 1 tsp jaggery and mix it with ghee. Have this mixture post lunch and dinner in order to clean up the intestine as well as the sinuses. 

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