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Baby Fat: Expert Advices Effective Ways To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

There are several things you can do to get back into shape after pregnancy. In this process, both nutrition and physical activity play an important role.
Published -31 May 2022, 08:00 ISTUpdated -01 Jun 2022, 17:02 IST
How To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight By Expert

During pregnancy, you spend the majority of your time caring for the little human growing inside of you. However, after nine months of pregnancy, it's finally time to make your tummy feel like your own, reclaim some normalcy, and put on all those jeans and outfits you could wear before the pregnancy. But, the baby fat that remains after pregnancy can prevent you from doing so.

Many women hope that something miraculous would happen and they could immediately drop all of their extra pregnancy pounds the moment their baby arrives. This, however, is not possible. Once the kid is born, it's time to take care of your body and get it back to normalcy; if you don't, you can have to live with those additional pounds for a long time, possibly years.

We spoke with Isha Gupta, a Certified Nutritionist, to learn more about the baby weight. In the conversation, she explained to us about post-pregnancy baby weight. She also suggests easier ways for losing weight post-delivery or pregnancy. Take a look at everything you need to know about baby weight:

Why Some Women Don't Lose Baby Weight Post-delivery?

Why Some Women Don't Lose Baby Weight Post delivery

For many new mothers, having extra weight and clothes that don't fit can be annoying. We understand the need to get back to the pre-pregnancy shape. But why is it so difficult to lose weight after a pregnancy? Nutritionist Isha Gupta says: a major reason could be your lifestyle choices. 

Why Some Women Don't Lose Baby Weight Postdelivery

Lifestyle Choices

Lack of physical activity and eating the wrong foods can take a hit to your metabolism, as your metabolism has not changed after pregnancy. 

Dehydration And Stress

Another possible explanation could be you're dehydrated, exhausted and stressed. Being a mother, especially a new mother, is a tough job. So with that, there may be times when you're exhausted and dehydrated. But you have to take care of yourself too during this time because this could be the reason behind your weight gain.

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Easy Ways To Lose Baby Weight

Both nutrition and physical activity play an important role in the weight-loss process. 

Reduce Your Calorie Consumption

In order to lose baby weight, you need to cut down on your calories intake. You can try reducing your calories intake in a day, but don't opt for crash diets, which may leave you feeling weak and exhausted.


Breastfeeding can help you and your child maintain good health while also helping with weight loss.

Consuming Foods High In Fiber And Proteins

Consuming Foods High In Fiber And Proteins post pregnancy

Consuming high-fiber, high-protein foodsis a great way to shed that extra weight off. Eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds, dairy are among healthy proteins that you should eat more during this time. Fiber and protein-rich foods can also help you feel full for longer periods of time.

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Avoid Sugar And Processed Foods

This is one of the most challenging, yet essential ways of losing baby weight: avoid sugar and processed foods after pregnancy. I know avoiding those sweet treats can be challenging, but these high-sugar treats and processed carbs are high in calories, and often lacking in nutrients, which is especially not good for you during this time.

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