We Indians love our spicy foods and one of the main ingredients behind the heat is the chilli in it. Besides having various kinds of spices, we can’t skip adding chilli in almost all kinds of savoury foods. 

While there are so many varieties of chillies available in India, most people feel confused about the healthier pick, especially between the green and red chillies. We decided to clear the air and talk about the chillies that are most likely to add up to your health.  Read on to know either you should be adding more of the red or the green chilli to your foods and diet! 

Red Chilli Is Just Aged Green Chilli 

Anyone who has spent time in the kitchen knows red chilli is nothing but just aged green chilli. No matter if you keep the green one in open or in the refrigerator, after a certain point of time, they will turn red. This happens because the green chilli loses its water content and lose its green pigment. Not only this, there is one more bad news. The green chilli when turns red also loses some of the much-needed nutrients from it. Hence, you are left with something that is hot but no water content and nutrients in it! 

Red Chilli Is Just Aged Green Chilli

Red Chilli Powder Is Not Always Pure

We know for a fact that anything that is in its original form will always be purer than its other forms. The same rule applies here. Red chilli is mostly consumed in powdered form, which means most the times you will get the adulterated product. If you decide to use the store-bought product, chances are there will be added colour and preservatives in it. This makes red chilli a bad option when compared to pure green chilli.   

Green Chilli Has Higher Water Content 

We are also advised to consume our greens to maintain health. This is because they are packed with more nutrients and most importantly more water content. Unlike the red chilli, the green one has better water concentration. Something that is a must when consuming oily, greasy food. Also, it has almost zero calories, hence, if you are struggling to shed fat, green chillies can help! 

Green Chilli Has Higher Water Content

Red Chilli Can Cause Health Issues

Have you ever felt that sudden discomfort after eating red chillies? Besides having a fair enough appetite for spicy food, red chilli can cause internal inflammation. You may try simple home remedies for stomach burn, but repeating this quite often can lead to peptic ulcer or even stomach cancer, as per health reports. 

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Chillies are one of the cheapest veggies available, hence, most people in our country can afford both red and green chillies. However, when it comes to which one to invest in, it is recommended to go with the green one. This is because green chilli is healthier given its water content and calorie count. 

Also, green chillies have more nutrients in it, such as beta carotenes, antioxidants (facts about antioxidants) and endorphins. If you don’t want to take a toll on your health by consuming something that can have artificial dyes and colours, green chillies are what you want to eat! 

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