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    HZ Tried & Tested: Tupperware Fridge Storage Containers Detailed Review

    I have been using fridge storage containers by Tupperware for a long time now. Are they worth investing? Read my complete review. 
    Updated at - 2021-04-26,14:03 IST
    tupperware fridge smart container boxes

    Ask a woman if she has enough storage containers and the answer would be no! Summers are here and it gets a lot more important to have the right food storage containers.

    It all gets way more imperative during this time when we have been buying fruits and vegetables in bulk to prevent ourselves from stepping out every now and then. 

    I got some fridge containers from Tupperware sometime back which I thought would come to use during times like these. Are they high on utility? Read on my detailed review. 


    fridge smart fridge storage containers


    • Increased Shelf Life
    • Uniform cooling
    • Easy identification
    • The Fridgesmart is made of plastic and has a capacity of 1.6L

    Square Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 

    • Airtight
    • Easy to open
    • Snug fit
    • Easy to clean
    • The Plastic Keep tab has a capacity of 500ml

    Square Fruits Vegetables Storer Refrigerator Container Cubix

    • Increase shelf life
    • Breathable lid
    • Easy opening
    • Easy clean 
    • The Mini Cubix are made of plastic and have a capacity of 250ml


    Fridgesmart - Rs. 1180

    Square Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 500ml 6pc - Rs. 1155 

    Square Fruits Vegetables Storer Refrigerator Container Cubix 1 4pc - Rs. 1799


    All the containers came in cardboard packaging. 

    My Experience

    We have all been buying fruits and vegetables in bulk especially during this lockdown period. After all, it is not at all safe to step out for essentials every now and then. But the real struggle is storing them right. 

    I am happy that I ordered these refrigerator storage containers ahead of the lockdown period because now they are coming in handy to store all the fruits and vegetables. 

    fridge smart container

    Among the whole new range by Tupperware, my favourite pick is the Fridgesmart because it comes with this unique venting system which prevents my fruits and vegetables from spoiling.

    tupperware fridge containers with vents

    These containers have vents that can be opened or closed depending on the food you are storing in. 

    fridge storage containers square

    The Square refrigerator containers come in different sizes and are ideal for storing both vegetables and fruits. I like the fact that now my food is all set in these containers and I don't anymore keep the fresh produce in plastic bags. 

    I like the fact that these containers are multi-purpose. Not just fruits and vegetables, other foods can also be stored in containers. These can also be used to store leftovers or to carry food on the go.  

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    fridge smart containers tupperware

    • Airtight containers
    • Easy to open 
    • Keep fruits and vegetables fresh
    • Long-lasting storers
    • Super easy to clean
    • Easy to carry
    • Stackable


    None for me


    High on utility, these Tupperware fridge containers are just what you need to store your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. These are a great investment for your kitchen and believe me, this deal is value for money! 




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