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HZ Tried & Tested: Tupperware Dry Storage Boxes Detailed Review

I recently got some dry storers from Tupperware. Are they worth buying? Read my review.
Published -06 Jul 2021, 11:38 ISTUpdated -06 Jul 2021, 12:50 IST
tupperware review dry storage boxes canister

Honestly, one thing we can't really have enough of in our kitchens is storage boxes. I have always believed in investing in food storers as much as I spend on food. After all, there is no point in spending so much money on food if we don't have the right containers to store it. No?

I keep hunting for dry storage boxes and this time I got my hands on some storers by Tupperware. Are they worth spending on? Read my detailed review. 


dry storage tupperware

  • Air tight containers
  • Easy to clean, open, and close
  • Modular design to save space
  • Spill-proof
  • Liquid-tight seal
  • Food stays fresher for longer
  • Multipurpose containers
  • Colour and pigment safe
  • Environmental friendly


  • Snacks Storer OTT Gatsby 1.4l, 2l 2pc - INR 649
  • Dry Snacks Storer Clear Canister Set - INR 3240
  • Super Storer Medium 3.5 L - INR 640


All the dry storage containers came in cardboard packaging. 

My Experience

air tight container tupperware

One of my priorities while buying storage containers is that they should be airtight. That's crucial because you don't want your food to get spoiled. All these dry storers are airtight which means that no moisture or bacteria will reach my food and spoil it. Also, with time, I have realised the importance of using the right material for food storage. One thing that I loved the most about using these storers is that all of them have been prepared using selected material which is completely safe. 

These storers are designed in a way that it is easier for me to stack up food easily. The super storer is just perfect to store big packs of dry fruits like walnuts as they are usually at a higher risk of getting moist.

dry storer transparent

I use the dry snack storers for everyday munchies. I like that they have a glass-like look so it is easier to check the contents of it.  

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I also like that these dry storers come in contemporary designs that just perfectly fit into my modern kitchen. If you are someone who doesn't like regular containers, these storers deserve your attention.

gatsby storer tupperware

The OTT Gatsby snacks storers look so good. If you are bored seeing those regular plastic containers in your kitchen, you can invest in these modern-looking boxes. While I have been using one of these storers for snacks, the other one has become more like a jewellery storer for me. So, these boxes are multipurpose and can make a good gifting option too.

Overall, I am enjoying using these dry storage boxes. They are versatile, stackable, and completely safe. 

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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to open and close
  • Air tight containers
  • Great for gifting
  • Easy to clean
  • Multipurpose containers
  • Ideal for gifting


  • None for me


If you are hunting for versatile storage boxes for your kitchen, these storers from Tupperware can be your pick. You don't spend on such food storers every now and then so it is a good idea to splurge once but on the right products. Investing in such containers is always a great deal.These dry storers get a thumbs up from me!



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