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    All About The Experience Of A Houseboat In Kashmir

    Everything you need to know if you plan on staying in a houseboat in Kashmir is all in here, have a look! 
    Published -12 Nov 2021, 16:51 ISTUpdated -12 Nov 2021, 16:59 IST
    things to know about houseboat in kashmir

    Kashmir is considered a paradise on Earth if we take into account whatever we have been able to venture and see in the world. 

    Kashmir has been a gem to the Indian territories in many ways. Kashmir is world-famous for its scenic splendour, snow-capped mountains, plentiful wildlife, exquisite monuments, hospitable people, and local handicrafts.

    Staying a night in the houseboat has been a dream come true in the lakes, Dal Lake and Nageen Lake for a while in Srinagar, Kashmir. 

    Things To Know Before You Plan A Stay

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    It Is Going To Be Squeaky Clean 

    The houseboats are well maintained and squeaky clean with amazing decor and furniture inside out. With mostly wooden structures, the boat is partially floating on the water. 

    It’s Partially On The Land 

    The houseboat is partially on the land and partially in the water. You get the best of both worlds with a houseboat. You get to witness the beauty of the land as well as water at the same place for the same money. 

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    It’s Mostly With 4 Bedrooms 

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    A houseboat mostly consists of 4 bedrooms, with one being a honeymoon suite and massive in size. They are all in one consecutive row but with one common lobby and separate washrooms. 

    The washrooms are beautifully equipped to make your experience better at a houseboat. 

    Houseboat Rules

    The houseboats are interconnected and have a menu of their own for every night. The food is served at a particular time and all the houseboats belonging to one owner are served the same food unless special requests from the customer. 

    You are not allowed to smoke inside the houseboat, rather in the verandah you can if you wish to, only if the host allows!

    Your shoes are to be kept outside before you enter a houseboat. You can't wear your shoes inside, and you are given slippers for wearing inside if needed. 

    There is a separate dining room and lounge room for everybody to interact and communicate with one another. You can book a whole houseboat for a family or separately a room for one. 

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    How To Reach A Houseboat?

    You will travel to your houseboat in a shikara from the side of the lake, which can accommodate 4 people at a time and is a famous sport in Kashmir. 

    Your luggage will also be transferred with the help of a shikara to your designated houseboat. 

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