5 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Air Fryer

Air fryer is an excellent cooking utensil that is going to make your kitchen life easier!

Kumari Rajnigandha
air fryer why to buy

Air fryers make cooking faster, with rapid pre-heats that reduce the amount of time you spend in the oven. With the holiday season approaching, you'll appreciate the extra cooking space these machines provide. If you want to create handmade french fries or roast potatoes, an air fryer produces unrivalled crispy potatoes, and it can also be used for slow roasting or making tender chicken for supper.

I could go on, but since I promised only 5 reasons to buy an air fryer, here's what you need to know...

Makes Frozen Food Taste Better

air fryer frozen food

We've all had a package of frozen fries or chicken nuggets in the freezer, but the hoopla about the difference air frying can make is true. Oven fries can't compete with your favourite takeaway, but air fryers utilise a basket to circulate hot air over your meal, uniformly dispersing the little fat and oil in your oven fries and reproducing the taste and texture of fried food. I guarantee you, the change is palpable.

Healthier Way To Cook

What is the healthiest way to cook using an air fryer? That is dependent on what you cook in it. What cannot be argued is that air frying requires far less oil than frying in a pan or even cooking in an oven tray. Are you preparing chicken wings or oven fries? Placing them in an air fryer basket lets the fat to drain off and into the drawer below, which not only helps your food crisp evenly, but also means you won't be ingesting that fat when you dive into your dinner. Purchasing an air fryer is an excellent approach to reduce the amount of fat you ingest.

Cooks Relatively Faster

healthier cooking

In comparison to a fan oven or pan, air fryers require practically no time to heat up. Simply push to begin the cooking process and add your ingredients, and you've already gotten a head start on dinner preparation. Then there's the reality that the majority of air fryers I've used have dramatically speed up the frying process. Oven fries that are supposed to take 25 minutes to cook only take 15 minutes, while fish cakes that are supposed to take 40 minutes in the oven are frequently finished in 25 minutes. This is the item to have if you want to make mealtimes more efficient and convenient.

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Multi-Purpose Utility

multipurpose utility

My favourite air fryer features grilling, roasting, reheating, and even baking options. In reality, when you purchase an air fryer, you are not limited to only preparing foods that would normally be fried. Tray cakes and even air fryer hard boiled eggs have been prepared in my air fryer. I've also seen folks use their air fryers to create cheesecakes, toast, and muffins, so you can put one to good use all year.

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Hassle Free Cooking

You simply need to set the time and temperature, and the rest of the cooking will be done by the air fryer. You do not need to inspect or turn the food regularly to ensure even cooking because the hot air flow of your fryer will do the job. Some air fryers come with their own cookbooks to assist you in determining the best time and temperature for certain foods.

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