Iron Kadhai Cooking Tips: Never Cook These 4 Foods In It

Iron is one of the healthiest cookware materials. However, some foods should never be cooked in an iron kadhai or pan. 

Tanya Malik
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We have been using iron for the longest time in our kitchens. Do you know, Iron is one of the oldest used utensils in India? We have been using it for years for different food preparations, right from making regular sabzis to frying frozen stuff.

An iron kadhai or pan is considered to be the safest for preparing food as it isn't coated with any synthetic or harmful materials. Also, cooking foods in cast iron pans or vessels is considered beneficial as it helps to increase the iron intake in the body. However, do you know, cooking certain foods in cast iron can be harmful to your health? Here is a list of foods that you should completely avoid preparing in iron utensils. Read on.

1. Acidic Foods like Lemon Based Preparations, Tomato Sauce

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You should never cook any acidic foods in cast iron. Food preparations that involve using acidic ingredients like lemon, tomatoes, or vinegar should never be cooked in iron vessels. They can end up giving your dish a metallic taste.

Tomato-based curries like paneer, sambhar, kadhi, or rasam shouldn't be prepared in an iron kadhai. Use a cast-iron only if you wish to quickly toss any of such preparations.

2. Fish

Another food you should not prepare in your cast iron vessel or pan is fish. There are a lot of fishes that are flaky in nature and they tend to stick. Even if you use a lot of oil or butter, your preparation can stick and it will become difficult for you to scrape it out.

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3. Rice, Pasta, And Eggs

Rice, pasta, and eggs are sticky foods and you should avoid cooking them in your cast iron pan. You can still manage cooking if it is a light fry but if you wish to cook rice or eggs from scratch then a cast iron pan won't be the right pick for you.

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4. Desserts

A lot of our favourite desserts can be prepared in a pan but you must avoid cooking in an iron vessel. Cast iron usually picks up the scent of the food you prepared in it earlier and even after washing it properly, it would be difficult to get rid of that smell. You won't really like your dessert smelling like something else so avoid doing it.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Cooking In Iron Vessels

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  • You should not cook in an iron vessel everyday. It is best to use it just 2-3 times a week.
  • When washing an iron vessel, make sure you always use a mild detergent. After washing, always dry it immediately. Never use a sponge or scrubber to clean the vessel.
  • To prevent your iron pan from rust, apply a thin coat of vegetable oil on it.
  • Always store your iron pan in a clean and dry place, away from water.
  • You should never store water or any other fluids in your cast iron. Iron reacts with moisture and this can lead to rust.
  • If you have prepared anything in your iron vessel, immediately transfer it to a bowl or another dish.
  • As compared to other utensils like stainless steel, it is difficult to take care of your cast iron utensils. Cast iron rusts easily and you need to get it seasoned every now and then.
  • Do you have a habit of storing food leftovers in your pans or vessels? If so, you should avoid keeping food in cast iron. This can make the pan rust and lose its seasoning. Also, this can give your food an unpleasant taste.

Do keep these things in mind next time you prepare anything in your iron cookware. Also, we hope these easy hacks help you keep your iron cookware in good condition. For more such stories, stay tuned to

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