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    Unique And Eco-Friendly Resorts In India For A Wonderful Experience

    Visit these eco-friendly resorts and enjoy a wonderful experience.
    Published -18 Nov 2021, 17:45 ISTUpdated -18 Nov 2021, 17:56 IST
    eco friendly resort in india

    As people become more aware of the environmental consequences of their wanderlust, conscious travel has grown in popularity in recent years. If you are one of those travelers looking for green getaways that are easier on our planet and striving to make the world a better place,  then we've put together a list of resorts you may visit. These retreats are making headlines because they redefine what it means to vacation responsibly, while not missing out on any comfort or luxury.

    1. Nimmu House, Leh

    nimmu house

    Ladakh, which is also known as the ‘Land of High Passes’is a high altitude desert in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The beautiful Nimmu House is situated there. Stay here to fulfil your regal fancies while learning about Ladakhi heritage. The century-old heritage hotel was once the home of a Ladakhi king's cousin. It incorporates traditional architectural sensibilities as well as modern amenities such as solar panels and double-insulated windows to provide tourists with an unforgettable environmentally conscious mountain experience.

    The hotel's dedication to improving the local neighbourhood is the icing on the cake. The picturesque three-story mansion is surrounded by wide apple, apricot, and walnut orchards and is just a short distance from the Indus and Zanskar Rivers.

    2. Barefoot, The Andamans

    barefoot resort

    The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known for having some of Asia's best beaches, with Havelock Island in the Andamans being one of the most scenic. Barefoot, an environmental retreat on Havelock Island, is a paradise of a place. 

    With its coffee-hued thatched huts and villas created with sustainable and locally sourced material, the resort is a wonderful place to relax. It is camouflaged by a dense canopy of tropical trees and merges right into the jungle. At the restaurant, savour a wonderful variety of traditional and seasonal island fare.

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    3. Wild Mahseer, Assam

    assam resort

    With a sustainable stay at Wild Mahseer in Balipara, Assam, you will travel back in time and experience a slice of the colonial past. The vast property is part of a broader restoration initiative aimed at reforesting the land and providing support to ethnic forest communities. The eco-retreat is a biodiversity haven with over 1,00,000 plants, 75 species of birds, and 72 species of butterflies. 

    It is spread over 22 acres in the heart of a lush tea estate. You'll be surrounded by a sea of green, which will calm any city person. Enjoy charming Raj-era foods like delicious sandwiches and hearty stews, as well as Assamese specialties, all of which complement the estate-grown tea. There is no Wi-Fi or TV here; instead, take leisurely bike rides and jungle hikes with in-house naturalists to learn more about the estate. Alternatively, embark on a wildlife safari or try river rafting in the nearby Kaziranga and Nameri National Parks.

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    4. Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort, Gujarat

    shaam e gujarat

    Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort in Hodka is a unique rural tourism effort by the Government of India and the United Nations Development Program. It is a modest, no-frills village resort nestled amid the bright white salt marshes of the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. 

    Traditional bhungas – houses with circular walls and conical thatched roofs – at the resort are dotted with magnificent Kutchi wall art, mirror work, and block prints and fit nicely in with the village. The huts are notorious for keeping their inhabitants cool during the day and warm at night, when temperatures in the desert drop dramatically.

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