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    Here Are Some Of The Most Loved Breakfast Dishes Of India

    Breakfast is the most important meal the day and India has some of the best breakfast dishes. So, here are the most loved breakfast dishes of India.
    Published -26 Jul 2021, 14:08 ISTUpdated -09 Nov 2021, 16:06 IST
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    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; therefore, it should be the one that you relish the most. Indians keep this thing in mind and have some of the most delicious yet easy breakfast recipes. Everyone has their own favourite but some things are savored by everyone. So, here we bring you the most loved breakfast dishes of India.

    Aloo Paratha

    Aloo paratha has to be on the top as this simple yet delicious dish is just everyone’s favourite. This is basically mashed boiled potatoes mixed with some spices and stuffed in a whole wheat flatbread. This simple and basic aloo paratha has emerged to be our favourite breakfast dish.

    To enjoy it to the fullest, put some butter or ghee on it and have it with curd or pickles. This will surely guarantee you a good day ahead.


    poha indian breakfast dishes

    Poha is mostly famous in the Central and Western part of India but can be found in most of the states. This recipe basically uses flattened rice and further, it’s up to the imagination of the chef as this dish has several variations of its own.

    In Indore, you will find poha to be spicy; in Bhopal, it is paired up with jalebis; in Gujarat, it is preferred to be less spicy and in some parts of India, people top this delicacy with peanuts and ‘bhujia’ (delicious crispy snacks in India).

    Masala Dosa

    dosa indian breakfast dishes

    Masala dosa is a staple breakfast dish in most Indian households. Although it emerged from South India but is relished by other parts of the nation as well. Enjoy it with coconut and tomato chutney along with some hot sambar and you will surely leave your house in a good mood.

    Poori Bhaji

    This is a mini-meal masquerading as breakfast. This yummy meal is a popular breakfast dish all over India. Although, it has a few variations in different parts but the basic recipe is the same. The bhaji is always made with potatoes either dry or with curry. No matter how you make it, the dish will always be delicious.

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    upma indian breakfast dishes

    Have a look at the versatility of Indian cuisine, adding sugar to sooji will make delicious halwa that can be served as dessert and adding salt to the same sooji will make the most delicious breakfast, upma. Found in several Indian households, especially South Indian homes, this dish is a breakfast favourite for people in India.

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    Egg Bhurji

    bhurji indian breakfast dishes

    Indians have their own version of the scrambled eggs (delicious egg recipes for breakfast) which is the egg bhurji. The basic recipe is scrambled eggs but made with a lot of spices along with onions and tomatoes. Found on almost all Indian dhaba menus, this is a classic breakfast dish. You can either have it with chapati or bread, either way, it will taste as good.

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    idli indian breakfast dishes

    How can we forget our favourite idli (benefits of idli sambar)? This South Indian snack which is a great breakfast item can be found in most Indian households. This food item is delicious as well as healthy and can be prepared easily provided that the batter is available. Have it with gunpowder and ghee, and I’m sure that you will keep licking your fingers. 

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