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    On A Budget? Try These Beauty Care Hacks By Expert Shahnaz Husain

    Some common ingredients available in your kitchen can be used to treat different beauty issues.
    • Shahnaz Husain
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    Updated at - 2021-08-04,11:08 IST
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    With time, people are getting more aware of beauty products and treatments. That's one reason why there is a huge demand for different cosmetics across the country. 

    New beauty trends flow in almost every day and to experiment with them, many people are all ready to spend a lot of bucks. However, not everyone has a big budget. 

    Our access to the internet has changed our shopping habits. Not just it makes it easier for us to get our favourite products at the doorstep in a click but also helps us do great savings with attractive deals. However, you don't always get a good discount and might just end up getting nothing from an online shop.

    That's when you start hunting for budget beauty care. Well, we have an easy guide for you. Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain has shared some quick beauty care hacks that are inexpensive and effective. 

    The expert shared that many ingredients available at home can be used for different beauty concerns. 

    Natural Oils


    Shahnaz Husain shared that natural oils can help relieve dryness on a budget. Using coconut oil, sunflower oil is a cheaper alternative to expensive organic nourishing creams. These natural oils are quite effective. Coconut oil is known for its moisturising and nourishing properties. The oil helps soften the skin. Coconut oil can also be used as a makeup remover, even on the lips. Coconut oil is a great option also because like other oils, it doesn't go bad. 

    The good thing about using these natural oils is that they do not contain any synthetic ingredients and can be safely used. 


    Yogurt or dahi is one of the most common ingredients found in Indian kitchens. It has many beauty uses. Yogurt is a rich source of lactic acid, it helps in restoring the normal acid-alkaline balance in the skin. 

    • Yogurt helps relieve dryness and removes dryness. 
    • It has a healing effect on acne and nourishes the skin. 

    In a bowl, add 2 tsp yogurt, add a pinch of turmeric and mix well to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck. Wash after 20 minutes with normal water. 

    beauty budget tips shahnaz husain

    Cinnamon Powder

    Do you know dalchini or cinnamon powder is an effective treatment for acne? Mix it with other ingredients like methi seed powder, honey and lemon juice to treat acne-prone skin. It is a much cheaper option than medicated ointments for acne. 

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    Milk is another great natural remedy for skin and hair. It can be used as a skin cleanser. For normal to dry skin, take 1/2 cup of cold milk, add in few drops of coconut oil or sunflower oil, and mix. Pour in a bottle and shake well. Using cotton wool, using this mix to clean your face. This can be refrigerated. It works like a budget cleanser for normal to dry skin. 

    Chocolate Face Pack

    A lot of studies suggest that cocoa can benefit the skin in many ways. It has antioxidants that help delay the signs of ageing, smoothen skin. 

    In a bowl, add 3 tsp of cocoa powder, 2 tsp oats with egg white, 1 tsp honey, and curd. Add the ingredients as required to make a thick paste. Add more cocoa if the paste is too thin. To make it thinner, you can add milk or curd. Those with dry skin too can use this face pack but they should add egg yolk instead of egg white to the pack. 

    Make sure you cleanse your skin first and then apply the mask. Apply the lips and area around the eyes. Wash it after 20-30 minutes with plain water. 

    We hope these tips help you take care of your beauty while you are on a budget. 

    Shahnaz Husain is a well-known beauty and wellness expert. For more tips from the expert, stay tuned to HerZindagi. 

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