Mother's day is just around the corner and we are sure a lot of you must be hunting for gifting ideas for your lovely moms. If your mother is a makeup enthusiast then we have a quick gifting guide for you. 

Here, we have a list of five trending makeup products which can make good gift ideas this Mothers's day. 

You can select any among these or choose all of them to make a makeup gift hamper for your beautiful mom. Read on. 

Lip And Cheek Tints

lip cheek tints

This one has become everyone's favourite in a short span. A lip and cheek tint is something every woman should own. They are just what you need for that dewy, flushed look. From a traditional pink shade to a coral one, you can a lot of colour options to choose from. 

Face Serum

face serum gifting

With 2021, we are all moving towards a more focused skincare routine. If your mom likes to invest in skincare products then she would love to get a face serum as a gift. 

A face serum not only hydrates your skin but these days they come with powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid which is can benefit your skin in many ways. Face serums can help treat a lot of skin issues like anti ageing, dark spots, pigmentation among others. You can pick one depending on your mother's skin type or skin concerns. 

Skin Tint

If your mom is not a fan of heavy makeup then you can get a skin tint for her. Minimal makeup is the hottest trend of the season and a skin tint can help you change your entire beauty game. (benefits of skin tint)

Skin tints have a lighter formula than a foundation but they help you give good coverage, a flawless base. You can pick from a glossy or matte base depending on your mom's preference. 

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Lip Sleeping Mask

lip sleeping mask

This one would be a great addition to your mom's lip care kit. Lip sleeping masks have become the hottest trend of the season. These come packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are great for skin and hydrate and repair your lips overnight. 

Not just these cream-based lip masks, tissue or lip patch masks are also making it big in the beauty market. You can pick one depending on your mom's preference. They are available in a variety of flavours/fragrances so you will have a lot to choose from. 

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Soap Brows Kit

soap brows kit

Though soap brows have been here for a lot of time, they have only got popular in recent times, and all thanks to Instagram for that! A lot of beauty bloggers over the social media platform made us fall for this powerful makeup trend. 

Gone are the days when we used to take long to perfect that eyebrow shape with a brow kit. Soap brows are all about using a bar soap to brush out the eyebrows for that thick and bushy look. This one is super easy to use and we are sure your mom will love it! 

A woman never really has too many makeup or skincare products! While many states are under lockdown at this time, many others are open but with restrictions due to the pandemic. We would suggest you send these gifts online. Don't forget to send along a small note of love for your beautiful mom! 

For more such stories on Mother's Day, stay tuned!