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    Anti-Ageing Hair Care Regime By Shahnaz Husain

    What wrinkling is to skin, graying is to hair.
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    Updated at - 2022-01-12,11:56 IST
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    Just like wrinkles are not a good sign for your skin, similarly graying is not a good sign for your hair. Both are signs that herald age. A woman despairs as much over the wrinkles that start lining her face, as she does over greying and thinning hair. Men are not far behind. Menopause also brings about problems like thinning hair. However, ageing is a natural process. What is important is to know how to deal with the problems. The fact remains that the man or woman who has been following a healthy diet and lifestyle, faces fewer age-related problems and can also cope better.

    During the menopausal years, due to a fall in estrogen level, gradual thinning of the hair is common. Today, with so much information and techniques available, cosmetic-store shelves are full with hair colourants, dyes and anti-ageing hair products, like hair revitalizers and tonics, oils, serums and hair creams, that promise a youthful appearance. We have recently introduced organic shampoo and hair oil for grey hair, which are free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic colour. The use of hair dyes and colourants has become very common. People are aware that repeated dyeing and colouring can lead to dry, brittle hair, breakage and loss. So, before going in for colouring, learn about limiting the damage.

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    Nutrition And Lifestyle

    Nutrition and lifestyle have an effect on age-related hair problems. The hair is actually fed by nutrients in our blood stream. Have a small bowl of sprouts daily and include fresh fruits, salads, leafy green vegetables, soyabean and yogurt in your diet. Sprouts are extremely beneficial for the hair as they contain amino acids. Consult your doctor about taking biotin (a B Vitamin) and iron supplements. Have the juice of one amla in a glass of water daily to help control graying.

    Natural Looking Hair Colours

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    If you are using chemical hair colourants, choose one that provides a natural look. Avoid a jet black colour, as this looks unnatural and has an ageing effect. A softer colour, in dark brown, would help to impart a more attractive and natural look. If you go in for colouring or dyeing your hair, routine hair care assumes more importance.

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    Hair Spa And Protein Treatments

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    Beauty salons also offer Hair Spa and Protein treatments for damaged and thinning hair. Protein is one of the main nutrients for hair growth. While amino acids are the building blocks of protein. In fact, Hair Spa treatments include protein packs to strengthen the hair and to add body to thinning hair. Protein packs contain lentils, soya beans and yogurt. Hair is a protein matter called Keratin and keratin treatments are also available. Hair Spa treatments are luxury treatments and may also include scalp massage with oils, application of hair tonics and treatments to stimulate the follicles. Customized treatments are also available, depending on the problem. Anxiety and stress during the menopausal years can also aggravate hair loss. Regular treatments go a long way in checking the problem of thinning hair. Also, go in for conscious relaxation to reduce stress. Regular exercise helps a great deal, not only to control stress, but to attain fitness and improve blood circulation to the follicles.

    Change Of Hairstyle

    A change of hairstyle can also make one feel like a new person. In fact, with thinning hair, go in for a shorter haircut and style, to give the hair a fuller and youthful look. We are living at a time when one can experiment with new looks without catching too many eyeballs.

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    Hair Care

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    Through the ages, the hair never loses its importance as far as the appearance is concerned. Going into the future the anti-ageing is slated for growth with the subtle use of colours, as well as wigs and hair pieces to increase the glamour quotient. Hair care with natural ingredients to protect youthful properties also has a great future. In today’s time, beauty is no longer a matter of camouflage. Every woman can look younger with appropriate skin and hair care. We are living at a time when professional care and products are easily available. So, one should never hesitate to seek help and guidance. Regular care, based on the knowledge of your problems, helps to take measures in good time. 

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