Just like brushing our teeth, cleaning ourselves is a habit many of us have. When we take a bath, water gets into our ears and our first instinct is to clean them with earbuds. These cotton buds which are affordable and now come in cute packaging as well, are in fact harmful for your ears. If you have been using them to clean your ears every now and then, it is time you stop it. Here are 5 reasons why this is causing more harm than helping.

Wax Clean Up

Yes, the buds do come out with some gunk in your ears but the truth is that comes with just a little of what is there. The bud pushes the gunk more inwards into th ear canal. You are also driving the wax against your eardrum. This can lead to severe ear pain and loss of hearing. 

Ears Clean Themselves


Yes, this is true. Our ears have a mechanism when it comes to cleaning. When taking a shower, we get soap in our ears which in fact loosens the wax inside. This wax comes out on its own. The spiral of our ear helps it comes out when our dead skin in the ear is coming off. In case you did not know, wax gets pushed out due to your jaw movements like yawning, talking, and chewing.

Wax Is The Protector

This fact is very much true. Ear wax acts as a protector for our ears. It protects the canal from foreign particles, dust that can enter our ears. It also helps in preventing infections and lubricates the skin in our ears.

Earwax Blockage

wax bud

You may end up blocking your usage of earbuds. Earwax blockage is said to push is to dizziness, loss of hearing, pain in the ears and itching.

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Like we mentioned above, ear wax keeps our skin in the ear lubricated. If you keep using a bud, it will remove the wax and this will irritate the skin more which makes it prone to infections.


So take care of your ears and consult a doctor for the best advice. Stay tuned to HerZindago for more such articles.