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    Use Public Toilets Often? Follow These Hygiene Tips To Prevent Risk Of Infection

    If you are someone who ends up using a public toilet frequently then here are some useful tips for next time you head to one. These tips will prevent you from getting infected with diseases like urinary tract infection (UTI).
    Updated at - 2023-01-31,16:32 IST
    public toilets how to prevent infection UTI

    Public restrooms are home to nasty germs and we are all aware of it. However, there are times when you can't hold it in (and you shouldn't) and need to use a public bathroom. All of us fear stepping into public toilets, especially post COVID-19 as we have all been making conscious hygiene choices. While some use the public bathroom in a hurry, others try methods like squatting to keep bacteria at bay. However, little does it all work and most of us end up getting infected. 

    In India, there is a lack of clean public toilets and this makes many of us vulnerable to diseases like UTIs. Yes, public bathrooms are icky but during times when you have no choice, you use it anyway. On days like those, you can prevent yourself from getting infected if you follow some basic hygiene tips. 

    Don't Forget To Wash Your Hands

    A lot of times we use the public restroom in a rush thinking it will cut down the risk of getting infected. However, this plan will only backfire. Always wash your hands properly with soap after using the bathroom. You might not find soap in every public toilet in India so we suggest carrying a mini soap or paper soap in your bag all the time. If not a soap, use a hand sanitiser immediately after using the restroom, still better than using nothing.,

    Avoid Putting Your Bag On The Toilet Floor

    tips to keep in mind while using a public toilet

    You don't want to carry home bacteria after that long shopping day at the market. Even if you are carrying multiple bags, make sure you don't put any of those on the toilet floor. Public toilets are the playground of germs and they will quickly transfer to your bags and infect not only you but your entire home. 

    Use Toilet Paper

    It is best to avoid direct contact with anything when you enter a public restroom. To prevent the risk of getting infected, use toilet paper. Use it to press the flush button or to lift the toilet bowl lid. Always check if there is toilet paper available in the urinal before using it. If it doesn't, pull out some tissues from your bag and use.

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    Always Flush Before Leaving

    Every time you use a public toilet, make sure you flush it. However, to prevent getting infected with airborne germs, close the toilet lid. Press the flush button with the toilet paper or a tissue and step out. 

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    Don't Squat On The Toilet Seat

    public toilet tips

    A lot of women try squatting on the public toilet seat rather than sitting on it in order to protect themselves from the bacteria. However, hovering over the toilet seat only increases the risk of infection for everybody. When you squat, you might not be able to control your pee and it can further add more germs to the toilet seat. This can make it worse for others. Also, some health experts suggest that when you squat, your bowel and bladder don't get empty completely and this can further lead to a urinary tract infection. It is best to always carry a seat santising spray with you. Spray it on the public toilet seat before using it.

    Remember, it's better safe than sorry! We hope this guide helps you germaphobes. 


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