Menopause is a condition in women that is said to be associated with a lot of severe symptoms in women. It is the time when the menstruation cycle stops and the perimenopausal period sets in. And in this phase, a female undergoes a lot of symptoms that make her anxious, depressed, and moody.

This starts becoming a big problem for the woman and the family too. Because some phases are very hard to tackle and thus you should be the one taking responsibility for your depression and mood swings. 

It is not impossible to ward off the depression and many women do achieve it. All you have to do is control your mind and not let your mind control you. Here are some tips that would come in handy if you are trying to chase depression while dealing with menopause.

How To Detect Depression

menopause and depression

  • A feeling of sadness looming over you all the time making you feel empty.
  • More raged feelings of pessimism and negativity.
  • Irritation
  • Fatigue and decreased energy levels.
  • Lack of interest in doing anything
  • Feeling restlessness and lethargic all the time 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cramps, digestive cramps, and other internal problems without any physical cause. 

If you have most of the above symptoms then perhaps it means that you have depression and if you do, don’t hesitate at all.  You can straightaway consult a professional for help. Psychotherapy is the way out for patients dealing with mild or severe depression. 

Moreover, you must understand and treat depression very seriously and follow all therapautic procedures in order to deal with it. 

What Else To Do

It is not impossible to combat depression through changes in your lifestyle. If you have depression then here are some things you must do.

Sleep Properly

menopause and depression

A lot of your problems may be connected to the inadequate sleep you have, even depression is one of them. Women in menopause also experience changes in their sleeping patterns and therefore they should first try to bring themselves back to routine naturally, if that doesn’t work consulting a doctor is what you should do next. Depression can subside easily when your body is aptly healthy and active. 

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Exercise Regularly

In order to maintain a proper balance in your health and lifestyle, all you have to do is just walk around, stretch or life weight, or even do normal day to days things that involve physical activity(Yasmine Karachiwala's Swiss ball exercises).

The regulation of physical work helps in maintaining the blood flow and supply of oxygens to different parts of the body this eventually helps in elevating the mood and fight off depression.

Try Natural Ways

menopause and depression

Using natural ways such as massaging with natural oils, drinking various teas such as chamomile, peppermint tea, etc. That have proven benefits and are known to reduce depression, yoga, tai chi, and other such natural ways may also be the way to go.

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Avoid Smoking

The moment you detect your depression, you should start avoiding smoking and alcohol. These are addictive habits and may lead to the worsening of symptoms if you do not leave them.

Join Groups

A lot of support groups are there to help women rise from the pits of depression.  You can join these groups in order to stay motivated and happy.

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