Ayurveda is the way of life and it's not just us saying this but experts from all around the world vouch for this ancient Indian science.  It ensures an overall growth and protection of the body and has many benefits for your health both mental and physical. This is the reason why a lot of people resort to Ayurvedic medicine even in today's times. Ayurveda can help you achieve the physical and spiritual balance that you are seeking in your life all you have to do is mould your daily routine as per Ayurveda and see the changes for yourself.  Read on for more.

Wake Up Early

wake up early

It is very crucial to wake up early in the morning between 4:30 am to 6:00 am in order to maintain a proper balance throughout the day.  Plus, sleeping too much can cause lethargy and tiredness.

Cleanse The Aura

After waking up, the first thing you should do is look at your palms and wipe them down your face and chest to cleanse your aura.

Drink Water 

You are supposed to drink at least 3-5 litres of water every day. Start your day by drinking water and flushing out the impurities present in your body.

Brush Your Teeth And Have A Bath

brush your teeth

After you finally wake up, you should brush your teeth, gargle, wash your face and eyes with cold water and then head for a bath. Once done with bathing, dress up and get ready.

Exercise & Meditation


Meditation is a great way to connect with your spiritual self and exercising helps you improve your strength and endurance. Start with easy Yoga asanas and then move on to harder ones gradually and you will notice the overall development of your body.

Ayurvedic Meals

Eat lighter but wholesome meals in hot months and substantial meals in cold ones. Also, keep in mind your dosha type while opting for the right Ayurvedic diet plan.

Other Factors To Remember 

ayurvedic diet

  • After breakfast, you can start your work/studies and when it's time for lunch, you must make sure to consume a proper ayurvedic diet in Ayurveda approved metals.
  • In the evening you should exercise again and sleep timely post-dinner. 
  • The ideal time to sleep is between 9-10 pm and 8 hours of sleep is essential for you.

Benefits Of Following Ayurvedic Routine


There are many reasons why the Ayurvedic lifestyle is followed by so many people around the globe.  It helps you maintain a great equilibrium in physical activities and promotes healthy eating. Here are some benefits of the Ayurvedic routine.

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Helps In Maintaining Perfect Weight 

If you follow the proper ayurvedic diet you will not face any issues related to weight. Ayurvedic routine helps you maintain a healthy weight by reducing excess body fat and providing your body with the right nourishment through a balanced diet.

Great Health, Skin And Hair

sleeping well

Following an Ayurvedic routine can help you make your body functions better and more efficient and thus make your health, skin and hair better by giving them all a long-lasting boost internally.

This is because the toning exercises and the proper meal you consume along with a strict sleep routine, get your body in the optimal shape that further promotes great health, skin and hair.

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Reduces Inflammation

Most people who follow the Ayurvedic routine are away from problems such as inflammation. Since you eat according to your dosha type in Ayurveda, so your body remains in a perfect balance and there is no scope for problems like inflammation.

Decreases Stress Levels

Stress is directly related to the way you live your life and while following an Ayurvedic routine, you have to discipline yourself to eat properly at regular intervals and exercise well, sleep well. Therefore, you feel lighter and happier and there is less stress on your mind and body.

One thing for you to remember is that for getting the most out of your Ayurvedic routine you will have to be self-disciplined. Skipping meals, workouts and sleeping late wouldn’t help you frame the right lifestyle that you want for yourself and will not yield the fullest of benefits.

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So, follow the above ayurvedic routine and share your feedback about the same with us. Stay tuned ti Her Zindagi for more.