With technology reaching to the far horizons in the country, almost everyone is going online in all aspects of life and travel is one of those aspects. A tedious job earlier that required numerous calls and visits to various travel agents has now come down to a few clicks or taps.

However, with comfort comes side effects and the presence of online frauds has made it extremely important to take all cautions before even clicking on innumerable links available on web searches.

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Various reports suggest that every year more than 15 million hotel reservations are made on bogus third-party websites.

These websites make people believe that they are making reservations directly on the website of a hotel of their choice. The reality, however, is that victims are making reservations on phone sites that are set up to steal personal information of the visitor along with with their money, credit card information, and thus rob them of their dreams of a relaxing stay.

A rough estimate says that cyber criminals pocket around $1.3 billion in fake hotel reservations. Mr. Amit Jain, Founder of Rising Star Tours and Travels, shared with us some useful tips one needs to keep in mind while making bookings online. Read on.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Making Bookings Online

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Extreme caution should be taken when making reservations online including hotels, flights, rental cars, and other travel reservations.

1. To avoid online scams, one should visit the official websites of airlines, hotels, etc, to book the reservations. 

2. Always check the website address and ensure that it has “HTTPS” in the URL, and if not sure about it then one must make a call to the company to verify.

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3. Many travelers look for a third-party website as they can get good offers on these sites. In such a case, always visit the well-known websites that have a good reputation and are in business for quite some time. It is always suggested to get recommendations from relatives or friends about the trusted travel companies or sites.

4. Try to use credit cards on the online booking portals as many credit cards come with fraud protection.

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5. If one uses a debit card on a phone website then the chances are he/she is giving the cybercriminals direct access to his/her bank account.

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6. After making the reservations, always make a call to the company (airline, hotel, etc) to confirm the bookings. It is better to know about the reservations confirmation at the earliest as in case there is no record at the concerned company then one can immediately report the fraud to the credit card company, and still, book reservations without wasting time.

Beware is the word if you want to go to your dream destination instead of ending up in Fraudville.