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    Keep These Things Handy For A Relaxed Bus Trip

    Going on a bus trip anytime soon? Keep these things with you to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed trip. 
    Updated at - 2020-01-21,15:52 IST
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    If you are a budget traveller, you know buses are the cheapest way to travel around, especially in India. Buses go almost everywhere, mountain areas too. This makes them one of the best modes of travelling. Also, buses are a cheaper mode of transport so travelers who are on a budget can rely on them. From ordinary to deluxe, one can choose from different types of buses to travel around. While there is a lot of convenience, there are challenges too. If you are planning to go for a bus trip soon then here are some things you should keep handy for max comfort. 

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    Earplugs and Eyemask 

    If you wish to stay undisturbed during your bus journey then get your earplugs. This will help when your co-passengers get a little noisy. If you like to sleep during your journey, do get your eye mask. 

    Snacks And Drinks

    Usually, buses have 1-2 stops and that's where you can get something to eat and drink. However, these places usually offer this stuff at a higher price. Best to pack your snacks and drinks. This will be cheaper and help you save a lot of money if you are on a budget. 

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    Don't expect hygiene when travelling in buses, especially in India. You may find something on your seat or on the window. When the bus stops for a break, the washrooms may not have any facility. Best to carry a pack of tissues with you. 

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    Another thing you need to pack to ensure cleanliness on the go is getting a santiser or a soap. After having a meal on the go, you may not get to wash your hands properly, get a sanitiser. The public conveniences the bus stops at may not have soap. So get one handy in your bag.

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    Light pillow and blanket

    A lot of deluxe buses offer a pillow and blanket to the travellers but not all of them. Usually, the tempertaure is kept low inside the bus. Best to a light pillow and blanket with you.



    If its a long journey and you are not someone who enjoys being on the phone all the time, get some books with you and enjoy reading through your trip. You can also pack your e-book if you don't want to carry a lot of weight.

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    Here are some more things you should keep in mind while heading for a bus trip:

    If you know there aren't going to be many breaks during the bus trip, don't drink a lot of water as you will face the issue of using the washroom during the trip. You can keep other drinks that keep you hydrated.

    If you want to save time then take an overnight bus. Board the bus at the night and sleep through the night. Wake up and you are at your destination! 

    Don't be lazy to get off the bus even if you don't have to go to the loo. Use this time to walk around and stretch a little. This way you won't feel tired.

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