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    Are You A Traveller Or A Mere Tourist? Do These Five Things To Make Most Of Your Trip

    Going to a new city anytime soon? Here are a few travel tips that will make this trip the best one you've had! 
    • Riddhi Kaushik
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    Published -03 Sep 2021, 18:00 ISTUpdated -03 Sep 2021, 18:02 IST
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    Who doesn’t like to travel? However, merely going to new places does not make you a traveller, it makes you a tourist. The difference between a traveller and a tourist is simple, a tourist is there to hop from one destination to another, click pictures in front of monuments and leave. A traveller on the other hand is there to consume the culture, live life and feel the overall vibe of the place! 

    So, which one are you? A traveller or a tourist? Even if you associate yourself with a tourist, do not worry because here, in this article, we will tell you five ways in which you can be the perfect traveller! 

    Ditch Sophistication In Food 

    local food while travelling

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    We get it, you have money and you want luxury. Why don’t you go for a staycation then? If you go to travel to a place, to be a true traveller you have to sit at the places that serve authentic food that the city you are travelling to is proud of. You will get the Taj spread even in your home city. If you visit Punjab, you need to sit at a dhaba and have their lassi and chole, if you visit Coorg, you absolutely must sit in the tiny benched establishments and have Coorgi chicken. Taste what the people of the city are proud of, not what the Michigan chefs at the restaurant make of it. 

    Take A Walk 

    The first and foremost thing that you should do when you visit a new place is to take a walk or cycle and go around. Things that you will never be able to see in fast-moving cars and bikes will be out there for you to experience if you take a walk. While walking in a new place you will realise the pace of the place, what the people like to do, how the air smells, and it goes without saying that you will get great pictures too! 

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    Interact With Locals

    interact with locals while travelling

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    You do not get the true essence of the place until and unless you interact with the localities, listen to their anecdotes, share your stories with them. Moreover, no one will be able to be a better guide for a new place than the people who literally live there. They will tell you about all those hidden gems in the city that even google might have not discovered yet. 

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    Never Miss A Sunset/Sunrise

    sunset sunrise

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    We get it, you do not want to wake up early on your trip and you want to get to your hotel room well in time to relax. However, every new place has a completely different sunrise and set. Just like the people here speak in a language that is different from the ones in the place you last visited, the skies here also have a completely different story to tell. 

    Slow Down 

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    The major difference between a tourist and a traveller is that a tourist just wants to keep ticking off his/her itinerary, while a traveller is there to let the city sink in. Slow down, make the perfect travel playlist, do not rush, enjoy where you are and stop thinking about how many more places you have to be at by the end of the day. 

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