We all love travelling! However, sometimes in our excitement to make it to the trip, we forget to pack some of the most crucial travel essentials. This can compromise our travel experience big time. From causing basic inconvenience, to completely ruining our trip, not carrying some important things while travellling can have adverse effects!

To make sure you have the best experience on your trip, we have made for you a list of five travel essentials that you must carry no matter how short/long your trip is or whichever mode of transport you are using!

Wet Wipes

wet wipes for travel

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Travelling can really harass our skin. The pollution, dust and all the dirt can settle on our face. God forbid, if our skin is oily, all this dirt will settle and right in the middle of the trip we will have to welcome with a heavy heart, a huge pimple! Long story short, carry wet wipes with you so you can wipe your face every now and then! This will make you look fresh and cleanse your skin! 

Vaginal Wipes

This one is very important for us ladies. We do not have the mechanism of standing and passing urine. While travelling, we often find ourselves using public washrooms. Whether you squat or not, we recommend you use the wipes to clean your intimate area right after you are done urinating to avoid any kind of infection down there. 


medicines for travelling

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If you have to take certain medications, you obviously have to carry those. Apart from that, we suggest you carry some basic medicines like one for headache(read how to deal with headaches), stomach ache, gas, creams for injuries and bandaids for cuts. This will secure you from any unforeseen medical emergencies that you may be faced with during the trip. 

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Power Bank 

power bank for charging phone while travelling

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It goes without saying that we need our phone for the trip to click pictures, play music and google maps obviously. We cannot have our phones die in the middle of nowhere! This is why it is absolutely essential for you to carry a charged power bank to make sure it helps your phone sustain longer! 

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Comfortable Shoes

comfortable shoes for travelling

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No matter how many sandals and heels you carry, we highly recommend you to carry a pair of comfortable shoes for all kinds of walks and treks that you are going to be faced with so you do not have to deal with shoe bites during the trip. You do not know what is going to come your way when you travel, so it is much better to be on the safer side and carry your comfy pair of footwear! 

We hope you found this article helpful and are prepped and packed for your trip! If you wish to read more such content, stay tuned to HerZindagi!