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Are Period Leaves A Good Thing?

While period leaves are important, it will give men another chance to keep women out of workplace.
Published -13 Jun 2022, 16:49 ISTUpdated -13 Jun 2022, 17:07 IST
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With many companies starting the period leave policy, it is still a debatable topic in our society. I am not even surprised because pads and tampons being a necessary item is still debated after so many years, so we can’t expect an outcome so soon as it is still a relatively new topic. 

People around the world deem it to be unnecessary because they don’t understand the severity. However, many women experience unbearable pain during this time which makes it difficult to work and be productive.

Why Are Period Leaves Important 

workplace period leaves

I don’t experience extreme pain but it is still not possible for me to focus on work. On several days, it seems impossible to even get out of bed because of severe pain but I have to. In return, I’m not able to give my 100%. 

Not only cramps, but women go through several other problems during this time. Putting extra pressure on your body and mind when you are already not in the right state affects your health mentally as well as physically. 

Aforementioned, I don’t experience extreme pain but still it is difficult for me. On the other hand, women face extreme pain that they can’t bear. 

A friend of mine in school was diagnosed with PCOD and the pain was so extreme that she fainted in school. This was not a one time occurrence but it happened a few times. At this point, she had to be taken to the medical room and had to miss her classes. It was school, therefore she was barred but in office, there is no such relaxation for women.

Either women have to come to the office or they have to use their sick leaves and we all know that their count is bare minimum. This is not the only problem but women can’t even openly say that they need a leave because of menstruation. This is because menstruation is still a taboo topic in our society but it is time that we should start talking about it. 

We need to speak up and period leaves should be made mandatory in all the organizations all around the world. 

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How Can Period Leaves Be Misused

importance period leaves

Upon this, people argue that this could be misused by women. I totally agree with those people but this doesn’t mean that we deny the necessary comfort to women who are actually suffering. Due to a few women who ‘might’ misuse this, we can’t deny this right to people who are actually in need.

While we are talking about misuse, let’s tell you that not only women can misuse but it can also be misused by men. Now, you must be wondering how this is possible. It is actually possible because men will find another reason to keep women out of the workplace. If you don’t believe me, then I have proof in the form of maternity leave. Maternity leaves have been used as an excuse to keep women out of workplaces for a long time and period leaves will just give them another chance.

However, this doesn’t mean that we should abandon the idea. Instead, we should look for a way to protect everyone while bringing this change. 

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cramps period leaves

Period leaves are important as many are suffering. However, it is essential to keep everyone protected while introducing this. There is a need to introduce period leaves all around the world but with a proper plan and strategy. 

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