India is a country where religion and traditions are given the highest platform. This is the reason why India is known all over the world for its culture and heritage. Different people in India follow different religions and every religion has its own importance.

An event that especially shows the culture of India is weddings. You can see a lot of traditions being followed. These are actually quite fun traditions. However, you might think that these are only for fun and people follow these just because these are being followed for generations. But all these traditions have a meaning behind them.

One such tradition in Hindu weddings is the ritual of throwing rice by the bride during the time of ‘vidai’. During this time, the bride throws rice backwards without looking while she is leaving the house. It is considered for the bride to do so.

What Is Rice Throwing Ceremony?

wedding brides throw rice

Every wedding ceremony is special in itself, but the time of vidai is an emotional moment for the bride as well as her family members as she is leaving her maternal home and going to her in-laws house forever.

This ritual is performed during the time of vidai itself, just before the bride is about to sit in the doli. When the bride starts coming out of the house, one member of her house stands beside her with a plate of rice in their hands.

Then, the bride picks up the rice from the same plate and throws it backwards. The bride has to do this five times without looking back. She has to throw the rice back so hard that it has to fall over all the family members standing behind her.

During this time, the women of the family spread the pallu behind the bride and collected the rice grains. It is believed that whoever gets this rice has to keep it safe.

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Why Is This Ritual Done?

vidai brides throw rice

  • According to the belief, the daughter is the Goddess Lakshmi of the house. This is because the daughters are considered to be the happiness of the house. So, when the bride goes, she throws rice backwards which means that she wishes for her house to be full of wealth.
  • There is also a belief that even if the girl is leaving her maternal house, then also she will keep praying for her maternal house in the form of these rice. In such a situation, the rice thrown by the bride always remains as a blessing to the maternal relatives.
  • This ritual is also performed for the purpose of keeping the evil eye away. After the bride is gone to her in-laws house, then her family should be protected from the evil eye, this is because the ritual is performed.
  • There is another belief that says the ritual is performed so that the bride says thank you to her parents in this way. The bride goes to the maiden by offering prayers in the form of this ritual because they have done a lot for her childhood till growing up, for which she expresses her gratitude in this way.

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Why Is Rice Used In This Ritual?

in laws brides throw rice

Rice is considered a symbol of wealth. Not only this, rice is considered a sacred material as it is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. In such a situation, when the bride leaves, she wishes for a happy and prosperous life for her family members, due to which rice is used for this ritual. 

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