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A Wedding Procession’s Desi ‘Jugaad’ Goes Viral; Check Out Some More ‘Zordaar’ Ideas For Summer Weddings

The viral video of a wedding procession's 'jugaad' tactic to beat the summer heat has garnered more than 18,000 views by now.
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -29 Apr 2022, 12:28 ISTUpdated -29 Apr 2022, 13:00 IST
@DevyaniKohli1/Twittertwitter viral video jugaad

With numerous states in India experiencing extreme heatwaves, Indians are using a variety of tactics to combat the heat. In one such endeavour, a wedding procession devised their own 'jugaad,' with all members moving beneath the shelter of a pandal.

In the viral video, individuals in the corners can be seen holding the massive pandal on pillars, while the canopy covers the procession as it proceeds slowly ahead.


The video was shared on Twitter by the user Devyani Kohli. The user captioned the video as "This is why #India is called land of Innovation or simply "Jugaad." to beat the #Heatwave during "Baarat” Indians have found solution.”

Netizens React To The “Jugaad” 

Several Twitter users praised the "jugaad" used to move the wedding procession.

"That means whatever happens, don't leave the road," a user commented. "We are the Jugaad kings," 

said another one.

On the other hand, other users emphasised the dangers of holding a procession in public. "Very dangerous because they are prone to electrocution from cables," one person tweeted.

Unique Summer Wedding Ideas To Try

Keep Mini Fans For Your Guests

mini fans

Although the hand fan has been a very old jugaad, even today it proves to be very effective. At the time of welcoming the baraatis in all the summer seasons, you should definitely give them a hand fan to get relief from the scorching heat. 

Face Wipes

face wipes

During the summer season, the face keeps sweating frequently. Due to this the skin gets irritated, in such a situation you must arrange face wipes for the wedding processions during the summer days. Along with this, you should also keep face towels in accordance with the number of baraatis.

Colourful Umbrellas

colourful umbrellas

Many wedding rituals take place outside the homes. In such a case, you can also give your wedding guests hats or caps for several occasions like Mehndi and Haldi, so that the guests do not have to bear the terrible heat of the sun. Apart from this, if you want, you can also arrange colourful umbrellas, these umbrellas shall also work as decoration in the wedding function.

Refreshing Drinks

refreshing drinks

There is frequent dehydration in the summer season, so refreshing drinks should be arranged for the baraatis from time to time. If you want, you can prepare different types of cooling summer drinks at home, which will keep your guests cool even amidst the summer heat.

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Surprise Ice Cream Trolley

ice cream trolley

When your wedding guests’ see the cart drive out, either after the "I dos" at your wedding site or waiting for them at your reception, your guests will be screaming for it. Not only because they have a sweet tooth but because one always gets excited for ice creams especially during the summers. Renting an ice cream trolley with a variety of flavours and little cones or cups is a great way for guests to cool off after a hot ceremony and for you to include a fun surprise.

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Minty Sprays

minty sprays

These refreshing cold sprays are not only convenient, but they also give the most refreshing experience in the world. You may also add a dash of mint to the spray bottle to make it the ideal solution for summer weddings. This will feel wonderful in the summer. This hack will give you unparalleled comfort while keeping the baraatis cool. As the visitors may be sensitive to some components, ensure that the ingredients are clearly labelled on the bottles.

If you wish to share any interesting jugaad tips with us, then do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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