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Getting Married This Summer Season? Take Note Of These Tips By Expert

Are you hunting ideas for your upcoming summer wedding? These expert tips will make your D-day memorable for everyone.
Published -01 Apr 2022, 17:13 ISTUpdated -01 Apr 2022, 17:37 IST
summer wedding planning by expert

It is the season of weddings once again. Even though the weather is quite unbearable during the hot season, everyone enjoys summer weddings because of the fresh colour palettes and beautiful skies. However, with the silver lining, the summer season brings along some challenges too. 

It can be a task to plan a summer wedding if you are doing it for the first time especially. From the decor to the outfits, everything needs to be aligned with the season's vibe. 

We spoke to Ms. Dhruvi Doshi Chitalia, Founder, Dhruvi Doshi Designs and asked her to share some tips which should be considered while planning a summer wedding. 

Go For A Vibrant Invitation

After finalising your wedding dates and venue, the next thing you should look into is the wedding invitation. Since you will be getting married in the hot months, it is best you look for something bright and vibrant which adds to the vibe of your summer wedding. Pick something colourful, choose among pastel, floral water colours which make your wedding invite stand out. If you wish to add some special elements, go for the ones which can remind people of the hot summers like something related to beaches, sunshine, stripes among others. 

Get A Hamper Customised For Your Guests

customised hamper for guests

While planning for your summer wedding, it is imperative that you prioritise the comfort of your guests. Since it will be hot and humid, it is important that the guests feel relaxed, cool and enjoy the event to the fullest. It is especially important if you have picked an outdoor location or a destination wedding. You can get a small hamper prepared for each of the guests with a pair of sunglasses, hats, a refreshing face mist, a wine bottle or even a sunscreen. This seasonal decor will make your attendees feel like they are out for a summer vacay! 

Select The Right Outfit Theme 

summer wedding outfits

If you wish to keep a theme for your summer wedding then stick to something which is easy breezy and makes everyone including you enjoy the most of the big day. Keeping a heavy theme will be uncomfortable for all and can ruin the experience of your summer wedding. For colours, choose among pastels (tips to choose wedding outfit) which are light on the eyes. Prints should be more on the fun, summery side which add to the flavour of your summer wedding. For the guests, you can arrange some fun, quirky accessories which add to the summer fun like a chunky bracelet, colourful bangles or jhumkas.  

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Make It All Insta Worthy

instagram worthy decor

We are all Instagram addicts today and to make your wedding more fun, you should have a setting which is Instagram worthy. No, working on your hashtag won't work alone. Look for elements which can make your summer wedding stand out. The expert suggested going for ombre gradients which are a summer time favourite. She also suggested going for a floral mandap and ombre table and cocktail settings to make your wedding a memorable event for all.

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Take The Customised Route

To make your wedding day more memorable for your guests, add some custom details. You can have a fun snack and drinks menu curated for the guests to make them feel special. You can also make event cards for all the guests with the programme details mentioned in fun puns and quotes. 

We hope these tips help you make your summer wedding stand out. However, don't get too stressed about the arrangements, take it all easy and it will all fall into place. For more such stories, stay tuned! 

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