During our teenage years, we often mistake toxic traits in men to be charming. In fact, not only teenagers but also full-grown women often get spellbound with this pseudo charm. However, we need to be careful and not get trapped by the same. Therefore, we are here to tell you about some toxic traits in men that women often mistake for charm but shouldn’t.

The Bad Boy

yjhd men toxic traits

You must have heard several girls say that “All good boys go to heaven and bad boys bring heaven to you.” Well, if you think carefully, they probably won’t even let you have a single bright day, let alone heaven.

Bad boy image is way too much worshipped by women, even in movies and books but this is not the ideal situation. Bad boy behavior is highly toxic and will not let you be happy with your partner.

Insecure Men

Girls find it attractive when boys are insecure and tell them to not talk with their guy friends or check their phones. If the guy didn’t do such things, then young girls would think that he didn’t love her. Although, a little jealousy is healthy but this extremely insecure behavior is not normal and will lead to complications in your relationship as well as your personal life.

Highly Protective Men

There are several men who think of women as fragile and weak. They think that women can’t do anything themselves and need the support and assistance of men in every situation and in turn expect women to be the perfect partner.

This can be highly attractive for several women but it is high time that we stop worshipping such behavior. This is not the ideal behavior and we should stop playing the role of a dream girlfriend for such men.

Dominant Partners

Young women are often attracted to men with commanding or assertive behavior as they want these men to guide them through life. However, both men and women can be careless and impulsive at times. So, it is not right for you to accept what your partner is saying as it may not be the right decision.

However, this is inbuilt in our thought process due to age-old patriarchy but it is time that we don’t let men control us and take charge of our own lives.

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Intense Lovers

kabir singh men toxic traits

Girls often fall for men whose emotions (burden of emotional tax in a relationship) are all over the place as these men are thought to be loyal. This is surely a wonderful trait but this behavior also comes with several other unlikable traits. Although extra love is not a problem but anything done excessively is not right.

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Broken Men

This is not a dig at someone going through a hard time but it is also not right for men to expect their partner or relationship (how to handle a long-distance relationship) to fix them. Women often get attracted to such men in hopes to be the one to fix them but they don’t realize that this process hurts them even more and ironically, they require more healing at the end. 

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