The summer season is here in full swing. And we are ready to face it with our coolers and air conditioners. While air conditioners instantly provide a very cool atmosphere, coolers take a lot of time to do so. Also, air conditioners are not environment friendly, plus they consume a lot of power, therefore, are not pocket friendly either. 

But coolers are both environments friendly and pocket-friendly, you can serve them on your own and use them for several seasons. Therefore coolers are definitely the better options, but we are all slaves of laziness which is why we prefer using ACs over coolers. But we will tell you some ways and tips that will enhance the cooling of your coolers and make them as good as your ACs.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

cooler cooling

The best and the most natural way to make the most out of your cooler is to provide proper ventilation to it. Good ventilation is the key to effective and long-lasting cooling.  Cooler is powered by the air it can pull from the surroundings, the warm air enters the cooler from the wet-dry grass windows and this cools the air, which is then directed towards you.  Therefore it is important to have a continuous current of air to make your cooler cool more.

Keep The Water Tanks Of The Coolers Full

cooler cooling

Making sure that the water tank of your cooler is always full is the best way to ensure effective cooling. The cooling pads work when they are wet and that’s how you receive cool air. If the cooling pads or the dry grass windows are not wet,  they will fail to cool your room.  So, it is better to fill the tank of your cooler just when it halfway down. 

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Add Ice Bags To The Water Tank

Adding ice bags to the water tanks cools the water present in the tank and hence the colder water then runs through the pump and then to the cooling pads, this allows the air to become even cooler while passing through the cooling pads and thus the cooling becomes more effective. You can freeze disposable plastic bags with water and then throw them in the water tank of the cooler. Or you can also add the ice cubes you have. Although nowadays there are different ice compartments made inside coolers to cool down the water even more.

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Other Things To Consider

cooler cooling

  • You have to handle the cooler with care, you should change the dry grass incorporated in the cooler windows once in every two seasons at the least and you should also clean and service the cooler before use every season for its longer life.
  • Not only that, making sure it is installed in the right place in your room where it can actually lower the temperature, shutting the drapes, and switching off the lights are also some other things to do to avoid the entry of hot air in the room(revamp your study room within Rs.1000) that raises the temperature.
  • You may also switch on the pump of the cooler before the fan, this will cool the pads and allow the cooler to provide cool air right from the beginning.

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