Mental health has always been a serious issue. However, it never got the much needed importance. But, times are changing and people are getting more aware of mental health issues. However, we still have a long way to go. 

Since, it is a taboo topic in our society and not much talked about, therefore, there is not much information available. Fret not, because we are here to help you by telling you some signs that can help you figure out if your loved one needs mental health support. So, look out for these signs. 

Sleeping Too Much Or Too Little

sleep schedule excessive mental health support

This is one of the first and foremost signs of degrading mental health. Extremes of anything are harmful, whether it is sleeping too much or sleeping too little. This may seem normal but it is actually not. 

A change in sleeping schedule for a day or due to some reason is okay but if it’s a regular thing, then you should definitely look into the situation and make sure that your loved ones are okay. 

When They’re Too Happy despite Facing Setbacks

happy mental health support

It is natural to feel sad when one faces a setback in life, be it major or minor. However, a person may not show their emotions in front of everyone but still, you’ll get a hint. 

However, if a person is too happy in front of you despite facing setbacks means that they are struggling from inside and you should get them to open up so that they don’t vent up their feelings which will eventually lead to depression. 

When They Have No Motivation To Do Anything

We all have our lazy days, some days even our favourite thing doesn’t entice us much. It is totally okay when it is once in a blue moon but if it’s a regular thing then it is a serious problem and you should definitely look into it. 

Motivate your loved ones to do their favourite activities and join them. Making it fun and helping them to get over their problems will be a big help. 

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When They Start Joking About Suicide

suicide mental health support

Suicide is a very serious thing and not a thing to joke about. A person in the right state of mind will never joke about an issue as serious as suicide. However, if your loved ones joke about the same, that means it is something going on in their mind. 

This is a serious red flag and you should immediately help your friend if you notice such a thing. A thing like suicide shouldn’t be going on in anybody’s mind. 

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When Their Behaviour Or Personality Changes Suddenly

A sudden change in behaviour is something to look out for. If your friend suddenly starts to stay quiet and starts spending time indoors, then you should look into it. In fact if your friend suddenly starts to be more extroverted, then also it may be a sign of a serious issue. 

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