Do you think you can save yourself and your loved ones if you get stuck in a difficult situation? If not, then it is necessary for you to learn some basic self-defence techniques that will help you in some vulnerable situations.

These self-defence techniques can be performed by anyone irrespective of their size and strength. Read on to know about some of the basic techniques for women that can be lifesaving.

Know The Vulnerable Points

vulnerable points self defence techniques

Don’t be intimidated by the strength or size of the attacker because you can beat anyone if you know about their weaknesses and vulnerable spots. The spots that you should always remember are eyes, nose, throat, knees, chest and groin. Most effective moves are aimed at these areas.

Three basic Moves

One move that will make anyone quiver with pain and fall on their knees is to grab their fingers or even a single finger and bend it backward. This will surely prove to be effective

If it’s difficult for you to grab the attacker's hand, then there is another technique as well. Hit them with a fist or a finger between the collarbones or into Adam's apple. Your attacker will take some time to come back into their senses giving you enough time to run.

If nothing else works, then hit your attacker in the groin and this will literally paralyze your attacker giving you a chance to escape.

If You Are Grabbed

If you are grabbed from the front, then try to make space between you and the attacker by using your hands. Once there is some distance, then hit the attacker’s nose with your forehead. After this, the attacker will leave you, so hit him in the groin with your knee.

How To Free Your Hands

You can easily escape a tight hold by rotating your arm to the side of the attacker’s thumb. When your arm is under the attacker’s arm, then pull your arm as strongly as you can.

If You Are Grabbed From Behind

behind self defence techniques

Attackers usually attack from behind and to get yourself free in such a situation, you should try to hit the attacker with the back of your head. This won’t make much of a difference but the attacker will put his one leg forward.

Now, you have to bend down and grab his leg (remedies for pain in the leg) and pull it upwards with you. This will make the attacker lose his balance and you can escape easily.

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If You Are Grabbed From The Side

If you are grabbed from the side, then hit your attacker’s temple, jaw (hacks for perfect jawline) or nose using your elbow. This will make the attacker go a few steps back. Now, hit him on his belly or chest.

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If You Are Pushed Against The Wall

Often, attackers try to corner their victims by pushing them against the wall. At this moment, remember the vulnerable points and hit them on those spots.  

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