There is no harm in being a little extra cautious about your safety, knowing that the world out there can be intimidating. Learning self-defence arts like martial arts, karate and judo are great, but having any of the one effective defence gadgets in your handbag can make you feel much protected. While there are several types of tools for multiple situations, knowing all to choose the best is the key to safety. All of the products listed below are easily available in retail shops and one or the other e-commerce websites. You can buy anyone after garnering complete knowledge about its functioning, usage, and effectiveness. 



Available in key chains, knuckles are made up of brass and are non-lethal tools to knock-off the attackers. Because of its distinct shapes and small sizes, it can be hard for anyone to figure out that it is a self-defence tool. You will just need a bit of practice with this one to use it in emergency situations. Attach it to your purses, handbags or bag packs and use it whenever necessary. 

Card Knives

card knives

The importance of having a light and ultra-handy self-defence tool can never be underestimated. Card knives are sleek and sneaky, plus its multi-purpose usage is making this gadget extremely popular among people. When it comes to self-defence, imagine facing a robbery wherein the looter asks you to take the belongings out from the wallet or purse. Having a card knife in there can perhaps save you from a mishap. 

Safety Alarm


Do not mistake the safety alarm for some random whistle blow. This compact key chain safety tool has the loudest voice. Compact and cute in appearance, the safety alarm can aware of the nearby people from just one press. It has speakers who play a loud siren voice. It is also very easy to use. If you don’t feel confident to knock off the attackers from other gadgets, probably the safety alarm will save you from the emergency by calling the help for you.  


Pepper Spray

Over the years pepper spray has become extremely popular as the self-defence tools around the world. Available in compact sizes and various shapes, pepper spray is known to be the most effective tool to knock off the attacker for a good amount of time. Since a few sprays also come with the ink in them, it helps the police to identify who the culprit easily. However, these can be dangerous if you have kids at your home. Having it as a key chain in your purse can put the children at a higher risk of harming themselves. 

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Slap Hat

Least noticeable but very efficient, the slap hats is probably one of the easiest self-defence gadgets one can have. The material used to make these hats is lead, which can injure the person who has been hit by the cap. All you need to do is hold the cap from its bill and hit hard from the cap area as a weapon. It comes in the most versatile colour, black with adjustable straps.