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From Headbands To Reusable Grocery Bags, Here Is How To Repurpose An Old T-Shirt

Instead of throwing away t-shirts, you can create something vibrant and useful. Read how.  
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -25 Jun 2022, 12:51 ISTUpdated -25 Jun 2022, 13:28 IST
repurpose t shirt into a rug

An old t-shirt can be repurposed in multiple ways. It can be upcycled to amp the living room, bedroom, balcony and corners of the house. If you have old t-shirts at home, do not throw them. Read the article to know the methods of repurposing them.



Image Courtesy: LVLY

Most t-shirt fabrics are sturdy and moisture absorbent, making them ideal for creating hairbands. For this, you can cut one or more than one t-shirt into vertical stripes. You can tie them in a sailor’s or nautical knots to fashion a creative headband to compliment your casual look.

Hanging Planters

Most t-shirts are made of sturdy fabric. If you have been searching for ways to spruce up your balcony with terra-cotta pots, turn an old t-shirt into a yarn. Cut the fabric into long strips and tie them around the pots. The yarn will keep the planters secure and add a pinch of vibrant touch to your balcony garden.

Cushion Covers

cushion covers

Imgae Courtesy: Youtube

Another DIY with t-shirts is creating funky cushion covers. If your t-shirts had, for example, Marvel or DC characters, funny quotes and quirky designs, cut them into creating cushion covers that will amplify the living room, study and children’s bedroom.


For this DIY, you will need many t-shirts, a hot glue gun and an old doormat. Cut the t-shirts into short vertical strips. Tie these strips, and using the glue gun, paste them on the surface of the doormat. You will end up with a colourful rug that you can place near your shoe rack or outside the bathroom. 

Reusable Grocery Bags

grocery bag

Image Courtesy: Oh, The Things We'll Make!

You can turn your old t-shirts into reusable grocery bags or produce bags. For either of the bags, you will have to sew the open end of a t-shirt and use sleeves as straps to hang it on your shoulders. Make small holes in the fabric of produce bags to ensure that fruits and vegetables remain fresh. 


Much like cushion covers, you can also add a swoon-worthy touch to the kid’s room by creating a headboard using cut-outs from t-shirts. The colours and style will add a unique touch to the space. If the room has walls coloured in egg-shell white or pastel shade, the vibrant hues of t-shirts will pop.

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Chew Toy For Pets

chew toy

Another uber-cool way of using old t-shirts is creating chew toys for your furry friend. Cut a few t-shirts in vertical stripes and tightly secure them in knots. It will be a colourful addition to all the existing toys with which your pet would love to play.

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Cat Condo

For this repurpose option, you will need several other things along with a few t-shirts. To create a condo for cats, you can create a colourful board using the same method as rugs and secure it on top of a stool or chair. You can also add a few more colours by tying multiple t-shirt strips here and there on the stool. 

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