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    Birthday Special: Lesser Known Facts About Gorgeous Actress Raveena Tandon

    Read on to know gorgeous actress Raveena Tandon and her lesser known facts.
    Published -22 Oct 2021, 17:28 ISTUpdated -26 Oct 2021, 12:53 IST
    raveena tandon lesser known facts

    Raveena Tandon is one of the actresses who truly ruled Bollywood in the 90s era. Her endearing personality  impresses people all the time. Even though the actress has a huge fan base, there are still many facts about her that are unknown to many. Read on to know more about this Bollywood diva.

    1. Raveena Tandon Name

    The name of the actress 'Raveena Tandon' is actually an amalgamation of her parents name. The name of her father and mother is Ravi Tandon and Veena Tandon which combined to form her name- Raveena Tandon. She also has a cute nickname, 'Munmun', which was given to her by her maternal uncle and an actor, Macmohan.

    2. Raveena Tandon And Ajay Devgn Studied Together

    raveena tandon ajay devgn

    The stunning actress completed her schooling from Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai and later joined Mithibai College for higher education. However, she dropped out in the third year of college to pursue her career in acting. The actress went to the same school with actor Ajay Devgn and later, they went to the same college for higher studies. In an old interview, Raveena once said that she was hurt when Ajay didn't recognise her.

    3. Raveena Tandon Adopted At The Age Of 21

    raveena tandon children

    Being way ahead of her time, Raveena Tandon adopted two children at the age of 21 in the year 2004 while breaking the stigmas of single parenthood. Her two children were just 8 and 11 then. During this time, various headlines were made predicting that adopting at this early time would spell doom for her flourishing career. But the actress ignored all and raised her children like a queen. The actress got married to a film distributor, Anil Thadani in the year 2004.

    Commenting on the adoption, she once said, “They are a distant cousin’s children. Due to certain circumstances in their family, they needed someone to love and take care of them. Both have been a part of my life ever since. I have never hidden anything from them.”

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    4. Engagement With Akshay Kumar

    akshay kumar raveena tandon

    While filming for the movie "Mohra" in 1994, the actress started dating Akshay Kumar and later got engaged to him. However, the relationship didn't last for long and they went on their separate paths after that.

    She once commented on this,  “We started off as friends. We got to know each other only when we went together for a few shows in America and Canada. I think loyalty meant a lot to me, but I did not mean so much to him. He expected me to forgive and take him back every time. I did that for three years until it was the last round.”

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    5. Raveena Tandon Is Also A Grandmother

    raveena tandon grandmother

    The actress has four children- Chhaya, Pooja, Ranbirvardhan and Rasha. Few years ago, her first daughter Chhaya gave birth to a baby boy and made Raveena Tandon a grandmother.

    These are some of the lesser known facts about the gorgeous actress which  usually amazes people. Raveeena Tandon is known for her smart and elegant personality which makes her fans absolutely adore her. 

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