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    Rashami Desai On Speaking To Sidharth Shukla And Arhaan Khan After Bigg Boss 13

    In a recent interview, Rashami Desai opened up about her equation with Sidharth Shukla and Arhaan Khan after the show. Read on.
    Updated at - 2020-04-10,10:08 IST
    rashami desai after bigg boss

    Rashami Desai was one of the most talked about contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. Her journey inside the house was more of a roller coaster ride. She had some ugly fights on the show with Sidharth Shukla, things didn't go well with her friend Arti Singh and then she also got to hear some shocking pieces of information from Salman Khan about her beau Arhaan Khan on national television.

    However, time flies and things change with time. Rashami's equation with her co-contestants inside Bigg Boss house has also changed now. Recently, she talked about her equation with Arhaan Khan and Sidharth Shukla. Read on.

    Equation With Arhaan Khan


    Rashami Desai had an emotional breakdown on national television when she got to know about Arhaan Khan's marriage and child from show host, Salman Khan. Talking about communicating with him after Bigg Boss, Rashami Desai in an interview to Spotboye said, "Well, I think he expected me to call. He sent me messages. Thoda bahut communication hua but then I was sure it's not happening." She also shared her mother's take on Arhaan. She said, "She didn't know about many things and I told her. She believes in karma and said whatever happened, happened for good.

    I think we start taking people for granted. I now realise that she had always thought about my good. Today, she is my biggest pillar of strength."

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    Talking about bumping into Arhaan Khan in the future, she said, "Maine Kabhi bhi kuch galat nahin kiya, toh main galat sochungi bhi nahin. I will meet him but just cordially- jitna zaroori hai sirf utna. It can't be like the days of old, again."

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    All Cool Between Rashami And Sidharth

    sidharth rashmi bb

    Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla's relationship inside the Bigg Boss house was a hot topic while the season was on. Initially, they got into some ugly fights but got cordial as the show came to an end. Now its all cool between the two and that's what Rashami has to say. In an interview with Spotboye recently, Rashami Desai shared that all is cool between Sidharth and her and there is no such tension. She also shared that she wished him and Shehnaz Gill for their music video, Bhula Dunga. Rashami said, “We are cool with each other now. In fact, I wished him and Shehnaaz both after seeing their song Bhula Dunga.”

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    In an interview, Sidharth also talked about keeping things cordial with Rashami. He also shared that his Bigg Boss grand finale performance with Rashami Desai was really special as they get well along professionally and that shows on camera. Now things are all clear between the two!

    We recently shared with you that there are rumours of Sidharth Shukla joining Naagin 4. However, till the government lifts the lockdown and things start getting back to normal, we can't say if it is happening for real

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