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    Here Are Some Cleaning Hacks That Don't Actually Work

    Cleaning hacks can be extremely useful but only when they actually work. Learn about some cleaning hacks that don't work.
    Published -16 Jun 2021, 10:36 ISTUpdated -27 Oct 2021, 18:21 IST
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    Do you also wish that cleaning would get easier? Then, you must have tried those cool tricks that claim to save your time and make your life easy with some amazing cleaning hacks. However, don’t always blindly trust on these tricks as they may not always work. Here are some cleaning hacks that will just waste your time and money but won’t make a difference. 

    Use Hairspray To Remove Ink

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    This is a tried and tested hack but this all-time favourite hack only used to work in the past when hairsprays contained a large amount of alcohol which is the key ingredient for cleaning. However, times have changed and most hair sprays contain more conditioners, oil and emollients. Therefore, leave the hairspray for your hair and instead, use alcohol directly to remove ink stains. 

    Removing Gum With Peanut Butter

    You must have heard about a cleaning hack where you can remove gum using peanut butter. However, you shouldn’t waste your time in this hack as it only creates a mess as well as wastes food. Instead, use olive oil or coconut oil if you have gum stuck on your hair. 

    Mix Baking Soda And Vinegar

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    Baking soda and vinegar are definitely great cleaning agents, however, they work best on their own and not when you mix the two together. If you go for the mixture, then you will have just water instead of a super cleaner. 

    This is because baking soda is a base and vinegar is an acid. When you mix the two things, they will fizz up and neutralize each other. Remember, it is a myth that fizz cleans up everything, it just creates mess and nothing else. 

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    Washing Cars With Dishwashing Detergent

    You should definitely clean your car with soaps that remove stains but dishwashing detergent is not included in that. This surely is a great cleaning detergent that is why it will remove everything including polymers in your cars paint and this will speed up the oxidation process. Use a cleaner that is specifically meant for car wash as it is made to be used on automotive paint, therefore, it will be much gentler on your vehicle. 

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    Use White Wine To Remove Red Wine Stains

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    The next time you spill a red wine all over your white dress, don’t immediately open the white wine to remove the stains. However, this is just a waste of time as well as this hack doesn’t work. Apart from this, why waste an expensive bottle of wine when you have better options. Instead, use a hydrogen peroxide on the stain and see the magic.

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    Newspaper To Clean Windows

    You must have heard that cleaning windows with newspaper leaves it shiny as well as streak – free. However, this hack worked years ago when the ink came off creating a film on the window. This hack doesn’t work anymore as newspapers are made of different material. Instead, use a microfiber cloth with vinegar on it. 

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