Wine Villa: Here's Your ATM Card To Free-Flowing Wine

By Mohammad Ashraf12 Nov 2018, 13:55 IST

We all know what an ATM card is worth? At Wine Villa, it is your ticket to free flowing wine. This India’s and Asia’s first wine-on-tap restaurant is located in Mumbai. “Over here, you will find different varieties of wine from across the globe such as France, Australia and Argentine,” told Roopanshi Bhatt, co-owner of Wine Villa. She further added, “This concept has come from outside India, where I used to travel.” If you are looking for some finest wines to sip, this place has the perfect platter to savour your senses. “We got in touch with a person in Italy to get these machines exported and this is how the entire concept of Wine Villa came into existence.” “It’s just the passion of getting something new in India,” gushed Roopanshi. 

With over 100 varieties of wine, this place is a true paradise for wine connoisseurs. The moment you get down to this place, you get a wine ATM card, which allows you to try and taste some of the tempting wines on the offer. The best part is you get to taste the wine before you can actually sort out which is the best bottle for you. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is. Plus you have the opportunity to try out more wines. “You have a tester, half glass and a full glass, “confirmed Roopanshi. Well, if you are trying out wine for the very first time, you can taste and later on decide what to order. Not a wine lover? Here’s your cue. “We also have a full-fledged bar, where you can have spirits as well,” said the co-owner of Wine Villa. Delicious food, amazing cocktails and free-flowing wine on tap, what more could you ask for?