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October 2021 Horoscope: What Does The Month Has In Store For You? Expert Shares

Wondering if October will bring any positivity in your life? Read your detailed horoscope by tarot card reader Jeevika Sharma.
Published -29 Sep 2021, 13:00 ISTUpdated -13 Oct 2021, 14:08 IST
october  horoscope zodiac signs future prediction by tarot cards

We recently announced our new Instagram live series 'What's On The Cards?' with Jeevika Sharma where every month, the expert will be connecting with us over an Instagram live session and do a detailed tarot card reading for all zodiac signs. During the first episode of the series recently on Instagram, we discussed about October 2021, how will the month affect all the zodiac signs, if it will bring any positivity or challenges and how can we all deal with all of them through the month. 

During the interaction, tarot card reader Jeevika Sharma also shared some guidance, remedies which would help overcome the challenges for all the zodiac signs. We are already in the month of October and if you want to prep yourself in advance for all the challenges ahead, here is the completely tarot card reading and guidance.


Aries will get financial gain which might not be beneficial in the short term but it will definitely benefit in the long run. To get a stable monetary gain, Aries should use the position and power they have and not flow in emotions. There might be situtions where they might feel pity for someone and get emotional while taking their decisions but high chances that they might take a wrong decision if they get emotional. Be very practical in your professional life. 


tarot card reading all zodiac sign future prediction

There is a possibility that they might get into a fight or arguement in their personal life. It can be their partner, friend or family member. To prevent it, its best to prevent any arguements. If you get into one, make sure you know what are you fighting for so that you can justify it all. As guidance, the expert shared they should stay grounded and not boast their money in front of others.


Geminis too will face issue with their personal life, especially if they are in a relationship. Financially, things will go very smooth though. This zodiac sign will have to work hard when it comes to their relationship. They will have to put in a lot of efforts and not take things lightly. 


This zodiac sign will get good opportunities in their professional life but will remain confused in their personal life because you won't be able to make a choice. There are chances that you get a proposal for marriage or relationship but you won't be able to pick one for yourself. If there is one person constantly fighting with you, there are high chances they will continue it in future because they aren't supportive of you.


As compared to the other zodiac signs, Leos will have a smoother personal and professional life. While making any decisions, it is important that this zodiac sign observes the other person closely or it can backfire you later. Professionally, you might get some good opportunities which will be beneficial for you.

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Virgos will get additional income professionally this month. On the personal front, make sure you don't get lazy or you won't be able to make the right decisions for your life and it can spoil your relationship with your partner. It is important that you be responsive towards your partner if you really see a future with them.


Both personal and professional life will be smooth for this zodiac sign, On the personal front, Libra sign will be able to enjoy a great time with their partner. If there were any issues between the two of you in the past, they will get resolved. Professionally, you might get a promotion or increment. 

For guidance, tarot card reader Jeevika Sharma shared that this zodiac sign should try to keep a balance between their personal and professional life.


For Scorpios, there is a possibility of arguements in professional life. There might be some issues in personal life as well but it is very important that you keep a control over the situation. 

As guidance, the expert shared that Scorpios should not involve a lot of people in their life, professional life or personal life. Don't let your friends or family members involve in your matters because it won't really help.


tarot card reading horoscope prediction october

Someone from your past can enter your life this month but not with a good motive. It can be your old friend, relative or ex. They will come to disturb your life, they might not be happy seeing your situation. 

The expert shared that those coming from your past will try to make you emotional, reminiding you of the past but make sure you don't trust them.


In your professional life, there are chances that someone might fool you. If you are working independently, there are some people who will come to you and fool you. Be very cautious when you are connecting with anyone in your professional life. 

As guidance, the expert shared that one must use their 6th sense, if they feel anything isn't right, they should immediately move away from there. 

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This zodiac sign will be running away from their responsibilities in personal life in the upcoming month. Professonally, things will be normal. As guidance, the expert shared that the zodiac sign should not cheat or ditch their partner and be clear with them if they wish to end it. 


On the personal front, things will be good for Pisces. Your partner might plan a surprise for you in the upcoming month. If you feel anything suspicious when it comes to your relationship, ask your partner about it and clear it all or you will drain yourself emotionally.

We hope you enjoyed reading this monthly horoscope and guidance for all zodiac signs. For more such tarot card readings, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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