Every zodiac sign has its own unique personality. The 12 zodiac signs starting from Aries and ending on Pisces have both good and bad traits some may cry easily being overwhelmed yet some cry to help their case or to hide a mistake.

Tarot Card Reader, Jeevika Sharma has shared with us 5 zodiac signs who are cry babies.


Pisces are often the ones who breaks into tears easier than others because they are overly emotional. They tend to lose control over their emotions which makes them cry. They link everything to their emotions and like to portray themselves as victims. They even cry on small things which usually are inconsequential.


Aries burst into tears when they are not able to get what they want. That is to say they use their emotions to get their way. They often put in a lot of hard work to achieve something. But, when they are denied of what they want they start to weep and continue to do so until things settle down.

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Gemini are among those to start to shed tears when they feel that they are being ignored. When the people they are closed to start to distance themselves or hide things from the person of the Gemini zodiac, the latter tries to manipulate the former by showing their tears. 

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Cancer become cry-babies for the purpose of trying to hide their mistakes. Or, when do not want anyone to point their mistakes even in that situation they resort to crying. Crying is the easiest solution they find to escape any allegation made against them.

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Scorpio are the devising kind who cry or weep in front of the people they want to control. This show of tears also helps another purpose. Scorpio cry to prove that they are the one victimized. To put it simply, they trick others by crying. They also cry when they are left alone and have no one to baby sit them. Loneliness is something of which scorpions are afraid of.

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