Every zodiac sign has a unique personality. All the 12 zodiac signs have both good and bad traits and they can help us understand if we should put in our trust in them or not. 

Tarot Card Reader, Jeevika Sharma shared with us 5 zodiac signs who are backstabbers and can't be trusted. Read on.


Capricorns would instantly turn against their trusted ones if it concerns their professional life or their finances. They are greedy for money and try to add more share in their name. They observe their target closely to plan the attack. They do it in such a clean way that the other person never realises the trickery played.


zodiac sign backstabbers

Aquarius turn backstabbers when it comes to the matters of love. If they find someone with whom getting in a relationship can be beneficial to them, then the Aquarius will cheat or leave their current partner to be with that beneficial partner.

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It is sometimes that this zodiac sign backstab their friends. If they see any prospective benefits from someone who ranks higher than them professionally then Gemini will try to move closer to this person leaving their friends behind.

backstabber signs


Leo are the type who value loyalty and generally, never backstab. But, when they receive only disappointment from someone they decide to backstab them. Whether it is related to their professional life or to their personal life.

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Virgo often tend to backstab out of their own insecurity. Whenever they feel that they are at the losing end of the bargain Virgo resorts to backstabbing to save face. In any losing game they quietly pack their things up and run away.

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