Many of us make New Year Resolutions at the start of the year of a variety. Traveling to many locations, breaking a record, giving up social media, and tasting new foods every day are just a few examples.  However, the majority of us never achieve our objectives, and those who do, bravo! So, why not shake things up a little in 2022 and try making resolutions that sound more realistic and will result in several positive changes in your life? Try out these Resolutions for the new year and make your 2022 lifestyle healthier.

1. A Strict Sleep Schedule

sleep schedule

Your first resolution for the year 2022 should be to get a better sleep schedule. Make time for at least 7 hours of sleep each night as it's the minimum requirement for a quality rest. Also try to sleep early and wake up early. This way, you will feel more fresh and energetic throughout the day. Give your new year a fresh start with this fresh activity everyday.

2. Make Fitness Priority

Fitness is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle, so make it a priority in 2021. Make a work out routine for everyday. Make a workout plan that you will follow every day. If you have a busy schedule, you can start with just 20 minutes every day at first. There are numerous fitness strategies you can do, such as yoga, going to the gym, doing a home workout and so on. Work out to feel good and not to be thinner. Work out for the sake of feeling good, not to lose weight. Instead of stressing over the number on the scale, focus on how great you feel since you started exercising.

3. More Moving And Less Sitting

moving and talking

Everybody likes sitting and relaxing, and the year with COVID-19 also didn't help the situation. However, just sitting makes us lazy and less productive. So to make the coming year productive, make a resolution to move around more and sit less. This task is not difficult, and it does not require you to give yourself a hard time by keeping you standing even when you are exhausted. Rather, take small steps like walking while talking on call, moving when listening to podcasts or music, and so on. Also, make it a habit to go for a walk after each meal.

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4. More Home Cooked Meals

This year, eat more home-cooked meals. It will keep you healthy and, as an added bonus, will help you save money. It would be even better if you could learn to cook this year. Cooking food can be therapeutic, and you'll almost certainly end up with something tasty.

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5. Be Kinder

be kinder

Everyone believes they are kind, but this is not always the case when seen through others eyes. So make a New Year's resolution to be kinder to others. Do random acts of kindness and you'll feel another level of satisfaction.  Also, give one stranger a compliment every day, and you never know it might just make them feel a lot better. Be kind, spread happiness, and feel positivity on the inside.

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These little efforts will bring positive changes in your lifestyle and will make you feel healthier. I hope you will try these resolutions for the year 2022 and be successful in maintaining it. Happy New Year!

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