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Mother's Day Special: 5 On-Screen Mother-Daughter Jodis We All Loved

Make this mother's day special by watching some of the most loved mother-daughter jodis on screen with your mom.  
mothers day special movies mom daughter

A mother daughter bond is special in many ways. It is a lifelong friendship full of laughter, smiles and tears. Words are not enough to express the uconditional love a mother and daughter share. It is a relationship like no other.

Ahead of Mother's Day, we thought of taking you through some of the most special mother-daughter bonds we got to witness on-screen through the years. 

Bollywood is best known to portray relationships and what better than celebrating this mother's day by celebrating mother-daughter on-screen duos which won our hearts. 

Najma And Insia 

Movie - Secret Superstar

najma insia

A mother's dream is to see her children grow happy and successful. No matter what the dream is, a mother always believes in her child and wants to push them further achieve their dreams in life. Such was the story of Najma, played by Meher Vij in the movie Secret Superstar. As a homemaker, she never got the freedom to do anything she wished to. However, she always went out of her way to help her daughter Insia fulfil her dream of becoming a singer. From getting her a guitar at an early age to using her savings to buy her a laptop, she did it all to help her get closer to her dreams. 

Manju And Mili

Movie - Khoobsurat 

manju mili

One mother-daughter jodi which made us all laugh out loud was Manju and Mili from Khoobsurat. Their journey through the movie is proof that no matter where the two are, it is impossible to separate a mother and daughter. Distance doesn't really matter when the hearts are connected, right? From discussing her everyday schedule at work to talking about her love life complications, Mili did it all with her mother Manju over Skype. As the modern mother, Manju always had the apt solutions for her daughter Mili's issues. 

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Shashi And Sapna 

Movie - English Vinglish 

shashi sapna

A mother's love is unconditional and this movie is proof of it. While Shashi's daughter Sapna always felt embaressed because of her weak English skills, Shashi was a doting mother to her, taking care of just everything despite regular mocking by her daughter. As Shashi, Sridevi takes up English speaking classes and eventually sees respect for herself in the eyes of her daughter. In the end, Sapna too realises how she went wrong and apologises to her mother. 

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Jennifer And Naina 

Movie - Kal Ho Na Ho

jennifer nanina

Not all relationships are full of laughter. For Naina and Jennifer, it was always a tough ride with challenges all the way. However, they both stood strong together and passed through the difficult phases with a lot of courage. They were seen bickering at times but at the end of the day, they had hearts full of love! 

Simran And Lajwanti

Movie - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


A mother always wishes for the happiness of her children. However, there are times when she just can't do anything to help them. Even though all circumstances were against Simran, her mother Lajwanti decided to put her daughter's happiness before everything else and asked her to run away with the love of her life. As Lajwanti, Farida Jalal was ready to stand up against her husband and the society. She understood exactly what her daughter wished for her in life, that's what makes mother's special, right?

These mother daughter on-screen jodis are indeed goals! No? This mother's day, enjoy these beautiful movies with your mother and let her know how special she is. Tell us which one is your favourite mother daughter duo among them and why on our Facebook page. For more stories around Mother's Day, stay tuned!


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