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    Normal Things That Are Labeled Unhealthy

    Mental health awareness is a much needed commodity in the present day society! 
    Published -15 Oct 2021, 09:30 ISTUpdated -14 Oct 2021, 16:03 IST
    mental health awareness

    Mental health is a commonly spoken topic and is much needed for the hour. Our society has not been very open about mental health. While we all are somewhere suffering for the same, we need to be talking about it more oftenly. 

    Everybody has certain habits that we tend to overlook and ignore while accepting the others as we go. Being biased is a human trait that we as humans possess. Considering some unhealthy behaviours, here is a list of things that are generally categorized or named unhealthy by many!inside  ()

    Seeking External Validation 

    External validation is equally important as is internal validation to us individuals. It is a need for our fundamental growth. Living in a social world, we cannot rely upon learning things without experiences or communication with others. We need interaction to learn new things and ways we don’t already know and can’t think of. We cannot self-create empowerment, esteem, and image for ourselves. Rather, we need another person to help ourselves to create one. 

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    Reacting Impulsively 

    Being impulsive (7 Things To Do If You Are Feeling Angry) is quite normal for everybody. Reaction is a natural process that comes from within ourselves. Letting your emotions out, and being vulnerable to people is quite organic. There’s nothing wrong with it. Whenever you think you’re going overboard with your emotions, take a deep breath, and reflect in order to understand your body and your emotions in a better way. You cannot be positive and growing all the time during the 24 hours of a day. 


    There are many things we wish we had avoided in the past or even a minute before. Behaviour is not something you can inherit from your family members, so there is nobody to blame but yourself. We all are limited by our means and we end up taking ways that may sabotage our ways to success or happiness. With the sabotage, you can always look back and reflect. It is not an unhealthy behaviour. 

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    Being Triggered By Love 

    Every relationship has its own risks and challenges.With the challenges come triggers. Love is never unconditional. Every human feels insecure and restricted with certain things. Everybody has certain boundaries. These experiences challenge you to help you develop skills to be aware while setting boundaries also. Healing previous wounds also is a task that must be done.

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    Talking To An Ex 

    Talking to an ex boyfriend/girlfriend is a big deal to many, for many reasons. It really shouldn’t be. It is a time to be self-aware, respect the boundaries, intimacy and love the two peo[ple shared over time. Ex boyfriends and girlfriends may have a lot to share which is going to be a big part of your healing process. 

    mental health

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    People Pleasing 

    People pleasing is all about the inability to receive criticism from others. It often results in anxiety (Covid-19 And Mental Health: How Does Anxiety Affects Fertility) and weird behaviours which are named as buttering. With this behaviour, we as individuals learn to give ourselves the permission to receive. 


    Relationship Dependance 

    All relationships are interdependent in some way or the other. Rather than always being dependent on the other person in the relationship, this is also a situation wherein you can learn the importance of interdependence and also dependence. 

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    Mental health is something that needs a lot more attention than what we give. There are many people out there that may struggle and are in need of help. Be kind, and try helping someone in need. 

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