Toxic self-criticism is something that can affect your mental health on a long-term basis, it's a condition and it can be chronic. It can literally destroy the quality of your life, can turn your lifestyle into something ugly, you'll never know when you start losing yourself along the way. But worry not, if you have a habit of constantly being wrapped in negative thoughts about yourself, we might have some tips and tricks to get rid of such exhausting mind-wrenching thoughts. Here are some tips to overcome toxic self-criticism.

Let Go Of The Past

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We all have had bad experiences or might have done a mistake in the past that some of us find hard to overcome. Some people are so guilt-ridden about something that they did in the past that they develop symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder and this is where the toxic self-criticism kicks in, such people repeatedly let themselves down and prefer to stay low-spirited, have zero self-confidence, despise themselves, and always think or say that they're worthless.

The only way to get rid of such negative thought processes is to let go of those bad memories and channelise your energy into positive and optimistic thinking. To build the right mindset, you can start by meditating, whenever such bad memories start coming up in your mind, instead of dragging yourself down and overthinking about it, try to tackle it by playing a game, doing something that you like, go out for a walk, start working on your projects or simply call a friend. Also, it's a fact that letting go of the past and living in the present can actually improve your life for good in general. 

Stop Overthinking And Assuming Things, Perform A Reality Check

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Overthinking is an understatement when you have developed a habit to always think bad about yourself. You need to know that chronic or toxic self-criticism is not normal, when you keep thinking about the negative things over and over again, your mind often over-analyzes such thoughts and starts adding up more over-exaggerated negative stories which are not even true.

For example, let's suppose that you performed really well in something and everyone around you is actually impressed and looks up to you, but then there's your mind thinking how bad you were and how everyone might be thinking of you in a bad way. These thoughts are not even real, it's always important to snap out of your thinking world and examine the reality, which will definitely be a lot different than you might be thinking. A simple trick is to keep reminding yourself that what you're thinking is not completely true and come back to the physical world to know what exactly is going on without jumping to conclusions. 

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Be Kind To Yourself

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Start treating yourself the same way how you'll treat your family or a friend when they commit a mistake. As a good person, you'll never despise them, despite their wrongdoings, instead, you'll try to comfort them and make sure that everything is alright. Try to do the same to yourself, instead of doubting yourself, be kind to yourself in such situations rather than self-criticizing yourself over and over again over small things. Develop an ability to accept things the way they are, rather than creating a different reality in your own mind and associating negative thoughts with it. 

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Start loving yourself and you will see there’s no other better feeling than that. If you liked reading this article then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.