It is not necessary that you were always a short-tempered person. This pandemic and unwarranted work pressure has brought out the worst in us and anger is one of the traits many have adopted involuntarily. Due to that anger, we tend to say and do things that we tend to regret later. So here are 7 things that you can and must do whenever you feel that rage.

Breath Deeply


It is the first step advised and rather effective as well. When you are angry, your heart rate increases and your breathing becomes rapid. This is when you need to take a deep breathe and do so until you calm down. This gives you moments to think about your next action so that you do not regret them later. 



The best way to cool off is heading for some workouts or exercises. Physical activity calms you down, takes your mind off it. You can try kickboxing, running, etc.


One way to take your mind off it is by cleaning the house --the activity many delay the most. Clean your bathroom, do laundry, polish your silver or brass, rearrange your wardrobe, sort out the clothes you do not want anymore, clean the shoe rack or sort the books. There is enough to do in your own home instead wasting time on being angry. 


Even if gardening is not your forte, never mind! Once you begin, it takes your mind off other things. In case you do not have anything, go to a nursery and get a plant. 

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reading anger

This can be very helpful if you are into reading. Make a happy corner in your home and sit and read the book you know will make you happy. 


tea anger

Many recommend brewing your own green tea or any other relaxing tea when anger or bad mood has marred your day. It calms you down and gives you time to space out before you act out.


Talking about your problems is the best solution. Talk to someone trustworthy about your issue. If you are angry at someone call him or her and tell him what is going on. If nothing else, they might be able to give you another perspective and let you see it from another angle. 

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Dance & Music

Listen to music and dance your heart out. There are several kinds of music out there, be it melodies hip hop or even Bollywood numbers. They are distracting and channel your anger energy into something more positive.


Channel that inner chef in you and cook something for your family, friends, neighbours or yourself! Try baking or whip up something different! There are so many cooking channels online, umpteen cookbooks to take reference from! 

Stay happy, do not let people get to you. 

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