Japanese culture is all about simplicity and a peaceful environment. Japanese style is a blend of balance, order, ancient customs and natural beauty. If you start to understand the amazing culture, then you will automatically start to love it.

If you are someone who loves Japanese style, then here are some simple ways to add it to your home décor and surround yourself with serenity.

Love For Nature

plants japanes home decor

Japanese culture has an immense love for nature and they show this love by adding some indoor plants to their place. So, if you want to incorporate Japanese style in your home, then bring some traditional Japanese plants to your houses such as bonsai, palm, or any other sleek plants.

Also, Japanese people have large windows in their homes that allows a person to have a view of the beautiful nature outside. So, add a ceiling to floor windows in our home for a view of the landscape outdoors.


Japanese entry is called a genkan where the guests are greeted and also where the shoes are removed immediately after entering the house and replaced with indoor slippers. Also, this entryway has a shelf that is used for storing footwear.

The entryway is usually simple with wooden elements, lots of natural lighting and stone tile flooring. The main key point is to keep your entryway uncluttered.

Meditating Place

You can truly add Japanese style to your home by adding a zen meditating place where you can peacefully meditate, do yoga or have tea. Just find a quiet place in your home and place a large floor cushion for comfort and enjoy the serene environment.

Paint this room in calming colours or as said before, add the colours of nature. Also, play some calming music and this will surely help you with mental peace.

Sliding Doors Or Screens

screens japanes home decor

The cost of housing is quite high in Japan, therefore people either own a small house or rent one. Therefore, they skip the usual doors that will take up space to swing back and forth and add authentic Japanese screens which are also called Shoji that will save space.

Also, these screens don’t block the natural sunlight as these are made with fine translucent paper held within a wooden grid. Modern forms of this screen also have glass panels inside wooden frames.

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Popular Colours

Aforementioned, Japanese culture is all about natural beauty, therefore, Japanese homes typically contain simple colours. Browns and greens which are derived from wooden elements and plants respectively are mostly used in Japanese homes.

Flooring is either wooden or grey tiles (bathroom tile design). Also, most of the walls are replaced with screens covered in opaque paper. This gives your home a neutral palette. In order to incorporate these colours in your home, just add lots of wooden elements along with indoor plants.

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Basically, the colour palette symbolizes simplicity and nature. So, just look outside your windows and add the natural colours that you can see.

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