If you are active on Instagram, you know new trends take over the social media platform every now and then. From lip syncing to popular dialogues to dancing to trendy tunes, Instagrammers do it all to entertain their followers. 

However, there are times when things just don't go the way they wanted it to. That's because no one really knows how the audience will receive a certain content. 

Indore Based Instagrammer Does A Trend In Public Place

Shreya Kalra, an Indore based Instagrammer recently did a trend, danced to Woman by DojaCat at the red signal. In the video, she can be seen smiling and running across a road, which is Indore's Rasoma square and dances to the song as the vehicles stop at the red signal. While she was busy dancing to the trendy song, the commuters looked suprised seeing her at the signal.

Shreya Kalra posted the video a few days ago with the caption, “Please do not break the rules, -red sign means you have to stop at the signal and not because I am dancing and wear your mask guys."

Flak From Netizens 

indore woman red light dance

As one can see in her video, this was a dare given to her by one of her followers. The Instagrammer also did a few more videos taking up dares from her followers and all of them got mixed responses from her followers. 

While some loved how confident the Instagrammer was to dance in the middle of the road, others felt she did it all just to get fame. 

A user wrote,  "yeah do not break the rules, right! And i thought zebra crossing was meant to walk n cross the road n not to dance like a maniac ! #justsaying."

Another one wrote, "Attention ke liye kuch bhi karega. Pehle bhikari paise ke liye stop signal pe nachte the, ab tum Attention ke liye nachega...... lekin Attention ke liye kuch bhi karega..... PS: LOVED THE DANCE. HOPE YOU COULD DO MORE THAN JUST ATTENTION SEEKING. SEEK PURPOSE AND LIFE."

"Never seen a stupidity like this how people are giving themselves to social media," wrote another Instagram user. 

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Booked For Public Nuisance

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Indore police have registered an offence against the Instagrammer for dancing on the zebra crossing. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra ordered the authorities to initiate an action against the Instagrammer. He said whatever the woman's intention was behind shooting the video, her method was completely wrong. The minister shared that it is important to take such an action to ensure such things don't become a trend. 

She has been booked under IPC section 290 (punishment for public nuisance). As per the section, whoever commits public nuisance shall be punished which may be extended to two hundred rupees of fine. 

State Unit Women Congress Chief, Archana Jaiswal shared that the police should have only warned her for this instead of filing a case against her as her offence wasn't serious in nature. 

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Indore Instagrammer Clarifies

Instagrammer again took to her social media handle and shared that she had no intention to offend anyone by doing the trend at the traffic signal. She shared she did it to make people aware of the importance of traffic rules like stopping behind the zebra crossing when the signal turns red so that the pedestrians can cross the road easily. 

Shreya Kalra also shared that though some people have taken the video positively, many others have taken it in the wrong light. 

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